On Tues., Sept. 27, Lisbon High School held its first of many raku firings. Raku is a firing process which originated in Japan in the sixteenth century. It is a low temperature process involving a rapid firing cycle during which the ware is placed into a kiln and removed when the glaze has melted. The pots are often placed in a combustion container and the carbon from the fire adds coloring to the clay and glazes. It is very exciting and the most direct experience in the realm of clay.

Students’ comments on raku firing, were as follows:

Mindy Sullivan

“It was a very interesting process. I was surprised to see how the different glazes turned out.”

Charity Garland

“Raku is a great, fun and unique way of making pottery!”

Ashley Proctor

“I was very impressed with the color combinations and originality of each pot that came out of the kiln.”

Kaitlyn Hamilton

“Two words describe the raku glazes: OH SHINY!!! I am really glad we had a chance to experience the uniqueness of the Raku kiln. Yeah Raku!”

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