On Mon., Jan. 30, Holy Cross, St. Joseph, St. Peter & Sacred Heart, and St. Dominic Regional High Schools all attended the St. Peter and Paul Basilica for a Catholic schools week get-together. Bishop Richard Joseph Malone hosted the major event.

This is just one of the very few times that the major Catholic schools were all in one place together. The four schools all had the chance to put their own touch to the mass. Several songs and prayers were used from the various schools, each holding some sense of pride and tradition. As you looked around the church you could see the many great smiling faces, all happy that they can see their friends from a different school, and have the chance to share this sacred ceremony together. The Bishop covered many different issues and subjects with the schools; from what we are grateful for, to the schools merging in the near future.

All the schools sang together, prayed together, and rejoiced together. It was just a look at what the schools could look like when the merge takes place. Every good thing must come to an end at some point. As the massended, the schools said bye to their friends, and went to their respective busses, and drove off to finish the school day. Even if the Catholic schools are separated by location and names, we are all equally connected by the love of God.

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