n A suicide bomber strikes an army recruiting center, killing at least 40 in front of a joint U.S.-Iraqi military base between Mosul and the ancient city of Tal Afar.

n A total of 29 more bodies are found, nine with nooses around their necks. A variety of attacks with guns, bombs, mortars and rockets kill at least 12 other people – including seven who died in Baghdad when a rocket hit a building that housed the headquarters of the Shiite Fadhila party.

n Shiite leaders cut off political talks and denounce the United States over a weekend raid that they say killed worshippers in a mosque. Hundreds of people turn out for the funerals of those killed in Sunday’s raid.

n Gunmen in four civilian cars kidnap 16 employees of an Iraqi trading company in Baghdad’s upscale Mansour neighborhood.

n Gunmen also kidnap the president of Ramadi’s Anbar University from his home. The university president, Abdul Hadi Rajab al-Hitawi, was kidnapped for nearly a month last year, but was later released after paying a ransom.

By The Associated Press

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