NORTH SYDNEY, Nova Scotia (AP) – A funeral was held Tuesday for Stephen Marshall, the 20-year-old man who fatally shot two men on Maine’s online registry of sex offenders before killing himself as police closed in on him.

Rev. Kevin Matatall remembered Marshall, who worked as a dishwasher in a North Sydney restaurant, as a quiet, reserved young man who struggled privately with serious personal problems.

“Something snapped,” said Matatall. “Somewhere, he was hurt, and he couldn’t get over it and he lashed out. It’s a very sad event, very tragic.

“I think most people do things wrong, but most of us get away with it.

“He did something terribly wrong. But he did believe in God. And our comfort, I guess, is the fact that he did believe in God and that though we make mistakes, God is still a forgiving God.”