Once there was a girl named Mary. She wanted to be popular and she would do anything to get there. She tried to hang out with the popular girls and doing the things they did, totally blowing off her real friends in the meantime.

The girls Mary were trying to hang out with were really mean to her. Every time she came over they would criticize her clothes and what not. But Mary was determined to be popular. She was sick of being the quiet shy girl in school.

One day Laura, the most popular girl in school, said that she could only hang out with them if she hacked into the school’s system and changed their grades. Mary really didn’t want to but she did want to be popular. They next day she got on a computer and went to work. She started with Laura then went on to the other girls. She was working on the last one when she noticed someone was behind her. It was a teacher. He was furious. She must have gotten a hundred detentions. Now Mary didn’t have any friends. She felt terrible.

After a day or to she gathered up her courage and tried to talk to her friends. Luckily they listened. She apologized over and over and said all she ever wanted was to be popular. They forgave her. So after all Mary realized its not about being popular it’s about loving the friends you have and just live life to its fullest!