PALM COAST, Fla. – Pat Kordalski, a regular at Auburn’s Martindale Country Club, scored a hole-in-one recently at Matanzas Woods Golf Club in Florida. She aced the #3 hole, 108-yards, using an 8-iron. Witnessing the feat were her husband, Dave, John Novicki and Dan L’Heureux.

The Kordalskis were visiting John and Pam Novicki who reside on the course. It was Kordalski’s second ace. The first one came several years ago on the #4 hole at Martindale.


LEEDS – Saturday’s Veteran’s Day Invitational: gross, 1. Blake Eldridge, 74; 2. Brad Pattershall, 77; 3. Rick Shea, 79 (MC); 4. Rick Newbauer, 79 (MC); 5. Paul Lambert, 79; net, 1. Ken Carver, 62; 2. Sean Fennessy, 63; 3. Jim Fennessy, 64; 4. Scott Cote (MC), 5. Paul Dionne, 65 (MC). Closest to the pin: #2, Brad Pattershall, 14’6″; #8, Rick Shea, 11′.5″; #13, Sid Cohen, 7’8.5″; #15, Dick Metivier, 2’11”. Skins: gross, Dick Metivier #3, #15, Nel Anctil #4, Greg Gagnier #11; Brad Pattershall #18; net, Dick Metivier #3, Nel Anctil #3, Greg Gagnier #11, Brad Pattershall #15.

MSGA tourney

Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association tourney held Nov. 10-11 at Biddeford-Saco:

CLASS A: Gross: Mike Norris, Mark Plummer, 70; Mike Lee, Chris Hayward, 71. Net: Ralph Noel, 71-65; Denny Siewertsen, 75-66; Paul Robinson, 71-66; Fred Warner, 76-68 (MC).

CLASS B: Gross: John Emerson, 75; Mark Ballard, 78; Ted Gardner, 79; Rick Doane, 80. Net: Troy Plummer, 75-65; Tony Linkovich, 81-67; Cy Thompson, 81-67; Greg Black, 82-68.

CLASS C: Gross: John Cunningham, 81; Roy Leighton, 82; Peter Hand, Lou Lepage, 84. Net: Paul Pinette, 81-65; Chris Stratos, 83-66; Frank Reynolds, 90-67; Bill Holmes, 87-67 (MC).

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Romeo Laberge, 76; Terry MacMillan, 77. Net: Craig Pride, 91-68; Steve Pesces, 92-69 (MC).

4-BALL: Gross: Kip Skibiski, Greg Pirone, Chris Hayward, Mike Lee, 62; Romeo Laberge, Paul Descoteaux, Scott Dewitt, Lowell Watson, 64; Steve Bonney, Eric Hayward, Denny Siewertsen, Marc Siewertsen, 65 (MC). Net: Paul Renaud, Ralph Noel, Paul Pelletier, John Emerson, 56; Dave Marston, Jon Ray, Reggie Gammon, Rick McCann, 56; Peter Hand, Jerome Gravel, Bill Holmes, Jim Reilly, 57; Chris Stratos, Dave Demers, Micky Waitt, Dave Soule, 57; Mark Ballard, Ricky Plummer, Troy Plummer, Milt Walker, 58 (MC).

SKINS: Friday: gross, Bobby Myers; net, Mike Bartley, Craig Pride, Dave Marston. Saturday: gross, Steve Richards, Scott Dewitt, Bill Holmes, Dan McCarron, Chris Hayward; net, Bob Fulton, Tom Smith, Chris Stratos, Micky Waitt.

PINS: Friday: John Roberts, #2, 10’1″; John Cunningham, #8, 2’11”; John Roberts, #10, 5′; Walt Burnell, #15, 8″. Saturday: Todd Nevins, #2, 1’1″; Dan McCarron, #8, 6’8″; Dave Soule, #10, 5’4″; Todd Nevins, #15, 5’8″.

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