AUBURN – The following games were played last week in the Auburn Parks and Recreation men’s basketball league:

L.A. Dox 38, 1st Stringers 35. Dox – Mark Stubbs 14, Carl Robinson 8, David Baker 8. Stringers – Will White 11, John Bateman 10.

Brew Crew 56, Scott Thayer Auto 45. Brew Crew – Jason Agren 19, Joe Harris 15. Thayer – Chris Randall 10, Justin Perron 10.

Ben Alpren Machine 80, Full House 65. Ben Alpren – Dan Coleman 26, Eric Lachance 13. Full House – Stacen Doucette 14, Josh Knowles 13.

BT Pallet Dogs 68, Pike Industries 66. BT Pallet – Jon Wallingford 29, Mark Belanger 12. Pike – Jared Erskine 24, Carter Edwards 18.

Insomniac 46, Rocky Mountain Oysters 32. Insomniacs – Dave Brown 19, Ryan Parlin 15. Oysters – Eric Camire 17.

Lewiston Rec girls

LEWISTON – Last week’s results in the Lewiston Parks and Recreation girls’ grade school league:

McMahon Black vs. Martel Green – High scorers: McMahon, Alyssa Champagne; Martel, Ariel Powers and Amanda Bennett. Coach’s Award: McMahon, Kaylyn Sampson; Martel, Ariel Powers. Hustle Award, McMahon, Morgan Bowen; Martel, Amanda Bennett. Sportsmanship: McMahon, Jessica Hammond; Martel, Alissa Smith.

Montello Blue vs. Pettengill White – High scorers: Montello, Cayla Pasley; Panthers, Kelsey Dumond. Coach’s Award: Montello, Julia Coady; Panthers, Haley Grimmer. Hustle: Montello, Meghan Girouard; Panthers, Brooke Leger. Sportsmanship: Montello, Mariah Carrier; Panthers, Emily Paione.

Martel Green vs. Trinity White – High scorers: Martel, Ariel Powers; Trinity, Emily Bolduc. Coach’s Award: Martel, Ariel Powers; Trinity, Emily Bolduc. Hustle: Martel, Alissa Smith; Trinity, Adrianna Dawe. Sportsmanship: Martel, Taylor Pratt; Trinity, Sabrina Lyon.

Lewiston Rec boys

LEWISTON – Last week’s results in the Lewiston Parks and Recreation boys’ grade school league:

Martel Dark Green vs. McMahon Gold – High scorers: Martel, Nathan McWilliams; McMahon, Adam Poliquin. Coach’s Award: Martel, Jacob Kendall; McMahon, Luis Morey. Hustle: Martel, Trey Rogers; McMahon, Ron Seguin. Sportsmanship: Martel, Nathan McWilliams; McMahon, Jon Gilchrist.

Longley Mustangs vs. Martel Light Green – High scorers: Longley, Abdi Hassan; Martel, Zach Kelly. Coach’s Award: Longley, Abdi Hassan; Martel, Shane Saleme. Hustle: Longley, Letavian Sands; Martel, Zach Kelly. Sportsmanship: Longley, Carlos Vaez; Martel, Logan Lecompte.

Farwell Blue vs. Montello Blue – High scorers: Farwell, Joshua Thomas; Montello, Zach Phelan. Coach’s Award: Farwell, Joshua Thomas; Montello, Liban Barre. Hustle: Farwell, Team; Montello, Liban Barre; Sportsmanship: Farwell, Michael Kemp; Montello, Tim Duchette.

Montello Red vs. McMahon Black – High scorers: Montello, Ben Howell; McMahon, Donna Agossou; Coach’s Award: Montello, Ben Howell; McMahon, Donna Agossou. Hustle: Montello, Matt Lewicki; McMahon, Jeremy Kearns. Sportsmanship: Montello, Dylan Plourde; McMahon, Thomas Choate.

Trinity vs. Pettengill Panthers – High scorers: Trinity, Andrew G.; Pettengill, Alex Rosztawicki. Coach’s Award: Trinity, Thomas G,; Pettengill, Cody Landry. Hustle: Trinity, Zach R.; Pettengill, Jacob Bachelder. Sportsmanship: Trinity, Jarred; Pettengill, Andrew Carver.

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