After the National Health Service (NHS) found that maggots were less expensive than regular medicine, and in the case of treating wounds, doctors in Britain were able to prescribe them to patients. The maggots would lower costs for patients because they were able to treat themselves at home, instead of picking up diseases at the hospital.

Maggot used to be used quite often, until antibiotics caused them to fall in use. Now, however, problems with overdosing with antibiotics are letting maggots have a comeback. With their cost-effectiveness and safer use, maggots are able to help wounds heal faster than regular medicine.

If sterile maggots are placed in a wound, they will eat the dead tissue and destroy bacteria that could decrease chances of healing faster. They cannot eat healthy flesh, so there are no worries about them doing damage to healthy skin.

Although I would feel queasy about having maggots in me, because of the information I obtained in the article, I would prefer to have them instead of the usual antibiotics. I would be very careful to find out anything that would be safer than maggots, but I would use them as a last resort.

People think that maggots are gross and don’t do any good, but if their wounds are getting infected and diseased, than, people might change their feelings.

Maine would benefit from maggots in hospitals. People would be healthier, death risk would go down. Young adults especially should take care of their bodies, to stay in school and keep exercising. If maggots were used to help this group of people, then less school would be missed in a case injury. Maggots would make a safer and healthier Maine.

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