One question that many teachers at Lewiston High School ask themselves is “Do I give to much homework?” When I interviewed several teacher’s they all responded that they don’t think they give out to much home work. Mrs. St.Laurent said that she thinks that some students aren’t challenged enough and they should probably receive more work, she said she gives about twenty minutes worth of homework a day. Madame Burg and Ms, Bellemore said that they give out around thirty minutes of homework a day.

This is what students had to say. After I interviewed several Freshman, Sophomores, and Juniors, I found that many of these students don’t think they receive to much homework. In my interviews I also found out that many students find that they receive quite a bit of homework in Math and English. When I asked Freshman, Rebecca Spilecki and Dustin Gillespie-Chasse, how much homework they do in an average day they both said around one and a half hours. Sophomores Garret Clark and Tiffany Marquis said around one to one and a half hours a day, and when I asked Juniors, Abdul Issa and Brian McKeown they responded one and half hours to two hours of homework a day.

All three teachers agreed that if the students use the time they have to complete their homework, then they should finish their homework before the end of the day.

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