FIRST, Pace, 1,600

1. Maurice The Rocket, S. Gray

2. Pj’s Wager, S. Mahar

3. Sienna Sand, H. Campbell

4. A M Rabbit, C. Urquidez

5. Myboyblake, E. McLellan

6. Gift Of Gab, G. Bowden

SECOND, Pace, 1,700

1. Marci Marci, J. Bartlett

2. Tricky Moves, R. Pratt

3. Leslie Belle, W. Brown

4. Lakhota, J. Mosher

5. Hana Blue Chip, M. Downey

6. Tfarm Zen Fella, R. Blanchard

7. Golden Virtue, S. Mahar

8. Pembroke Artie, H. Campbell

THIRD, Trot, 3,000

1. Aqualou, W. Brown

2. Better Man, K. Switzer Jr.

3. Rompaway Yasmine, G. Bowden

4. Cohesive, H. Campbell

5. Cc Sable, S. Mahar

6. Sos Roxane, C. Urquidez

7. Muscleman, S. MacKenzie

FOURTH, Pace, 4,000

1. Bank Shot, S. Gray

2. Saku, G. Bowden

3. Ripogenus, H. Campbell

4. Woodmere Flyn Ryan, M. Downey

5. Membership, S. Mahar

6. Mugsy McGraw, J. Mosher

7. Four Starz Search, J. Bartlett

FIFTH, Pace, 3,400

1. Cambelleconnection, J. Mosher

2. Rb Abbie’s Tom Boy, J. Bartlett

3. Cold Stream Pete, W. Brown

4. Pentagon Don, G. Bowden

5. Best Connection, S. Gray

6. Escape The Night, H. Campbell

7. No Apology, M. Downey

SIXTH, Trot, 5,500

1. Raven’s Ruby, R. Pratt

2. Onyx Seelster, J. Bartlett

3. Cole Man, B. Thayer

4. Omega Angel, S. Mahar

5. Mal Pacino, M. Downey

6. Pine Magic, K. Ireland

7. Stars Photo, H. Campbell

SEVENTH, Pace, 4,800

1. The Boy N, S. Gray

2. Magnetic Benka, H. Campbell

3. Perfect Trick, S. Mahar

4. Order To Go, M. Downey

5. Kyro Down, J. Mosher

6. Son Of Arturo, K. Switzer Jr.

EIGHTH, Pace, 2,000

1. R Es Andrew, S. Gray

2. Keystone Vargas, J. Bartlett

3. No Shoes, S. Mahar

4. Logan’s Lightning, H. Campbell

5. Star Follower, J. Mosher

6. Sheworeayellowribn, D. Dickison

7. Spiz R Rinkum, G. Bowden

8. Ghost Of A Chance, M. Downey

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