Stewart Durrell is having a season for the ages at Wilson Lake Country Club in Wilton. Durrell recently recorded his second hole-in-one in the last three weeks at his home course. Durrell aced the par-3, 140-yard 16th hole, using a 9-iron. His playing partners were Neil Stinneford and Tweet Carlton. It is the third career hole-in-one for Durrell, who also carded one this spring on No. 2. Elsewhere, Karen Anderson of Cumberland carded a hole-in-one Sunday on the 144-yard 16th hole at Fox Ridge Golf Club in Auburn. Anderson used a 9-iron to accomplish the feat. Witnesses were Rick Dostie, Sue Dostie, Robert Anderson and Andy Morrill.

Prospect Hill

AUBURN – Friday Night Scramble: 1. Kevin Dunphy/Hank Tukey/Sandy Tukey/Paula Giguere; 2. Paul Nadeau/Corey Belanger/Frosty Adair/Pat Adair. 50/50, Val Madore. Pins, Ladies, Sue Charron; Men, Georges Gendron.

Holy Family League: Winners of first half, K28, 208 points; Royals, 198; Pinnacle, 191; Titleist, 158. Low Gross, A, Ray Villani 45; B, Priscilla Raymond 49; C, Ray Parent 53; D, Norm Anctil 46. Pins, Ray Villani, Priscilla Raymond, Alex Turcotte, Norm Anctil. 50/50, Louie Paul Couture. Weekly cash, Alex Turcotte, Ray Villani. Start of second half is July 10.

Bethel Inn

BETHEL – Ladies, point quota: Jane Ryerson 4, Colleen Fyles minus-4, Monica Ludden minus-4. Men, red, white and blue: Alan Gaw/Bill Brown/Kyle Rafford 8, Alan Carr/Dick Broma/David Stearns/Pat Roma 5. Pin, Alan Gaw, 10 inches.


POLAND – Scramble, June 26: Colleen Baird/Carolyn Gage/Mary Goss 38.


AUBURN – Couples League, alternate shot: Gross, Pat Kordalski/Dave Kordalski 41, Brenda Welch/Bill Welch 42, Janet Nelson/Dave Nelson 42. Net, Margie Goldberg/Gary Goldberg 34, Natalie Sanborn/Keith Sanborn 34. Pins, No. 11, Joe Fillion 11-11; No. 17, Mona Morin 22-0.

Women’s League, June 25, blind draw, combined points: 1. Terri LeClair/Margi Fillion 62, 2. Diane Jordan/Tina Goss 58, 3. Lou Fortunato/Phyllis Ray 53, Janet Nelson/Karyn Cochran 51. Fewest putts, Margie Fillion 14, Tina Goss 15, Cookie Dean 15, Muriel. MacDonald 15. Season standings, Diane Jordan 127, Jeanine O’Malley 112, Phyllis Ray 106, Janet Nelson 105, Cookie Dean 103, Kathy Cain 100, Kathleen Cormier 96, Tina Goss 94, Marjorie Fillion 92, Sylvia LeBlanc 87, Lou Fortunato 87, Muriel LeClerc 86, Sandi Piper 85, Anne Legendre 85, Karyn Cochran 81, Deb Leighton 80, Janet Feldman 77, Darlene Beach 68, Linda Gallagher 66, Ellen Pratt 66, Nina Bartlett 61, Pam Hancock 56, Margie Goldberg 56, Fran Blanchette 55, Anne Craigs 53, Patti Gagne 51, Leslie Thayer 49, Janet Bishop 47, Donna Lamb 40, Terri LeClair 40, Muriel MacDonald 35, Linda Thibault 31.

Apple Valley

LEWISTON – Men’s Twilight, June 25: Bruce Milliken/Gary Landry 17.5, Gene Flaherty/Chad Landry 17.5, Matt Nicole/Matt Fillion 16, Mark Elie/Marc Poulin 15.5, Tim Pelletier/Dave Gregoire 15, Rene Dubois/Peter Wade 14, Hayden Faucett/Chris Welch 12, Steve Roop/George Hopkins 11, Steve Samson/Brian Genest 10.5, Lance Vallee/Dan D’Auteuil 10.5, Marshall Gross/Moe St. Laurent 9.5, Marty Roop Sr./Scott Barden 9.5, Clark Bell/Dick Cyr 9, Jake Hart/Phil Pelletier 8.5, Bill Hunter/Ryan Booker 7.5, Glenn Fillion/Joe Fillion 7, Pat Beaupre/Todd Michaud 4.5, Bert Gosselin/Claude Marichal 4, Lew Perry, Kevin Calder 4, Leo LaFrance/Don LaFrance 4. Pins, No. 3, Bill Hunter 14-8; No. 5, David Gregoire 9-0. Low gross, Hayden Faucett 35. Low net, Marc Poulin 27.


MADISON – Area Golf Travel League, players from Livermore Falls, Jay, Wilton, Farmington, June 20: 1. Dave Beisaw/Percy Doucette; 2. Frank Picard/Cliff Harris; 3. (tie) Ray Ouellette/Don Oakes, Ron McAllister/John Chouinard. Pins, Dave Beisaw, Dennis Fetterhoff. High plus, Rod Heikkinen, Dick Tardif.


POLAND – Monday Night Couples: P. Griggs/D. Lavoie 54, S. Buckley/P. Rybeck 53.5, J. Mathieu/M. Mathieu 49, D. Cooper/D. Cooper 46.5, K. Maxwell/F. Rubino 44, M. Brushwein/R. Theriault 42, C. Hammond/C. Lesperance 40.5, E. Dumont/P. Dumont 39, M. Spencer/P. Spencer 38, J. Mangini/J. Mangini 37, D. Desbiens/B. Desbiens 32.5, R. Jalbert/S. Palien 30.5, C. Schwartz/T. Thongsavanh 30.5, J. Shute/F. Barber 28, B. Swett/M. Swett 24.5, K. Papineau/F. Papineau 19.

Wilson Lake

WILTON – Thursday Men’s, June 21: Team standings, Donald 10.5, Greco 9.5, Durrell 9, Dingley 5. Individual matches: Matt LeClair d. Ron Greco, 2-1, Jim Kidder d. Dave Henry, 4-2, Peter Benson d. Steve Hamilton, 3-1, Frank Williams, John Wentzell all square, Mike Lawson, Gordon Flint all square, Dick Austin, Tim Bowen all square, Mike Tibbetts d. Rob Donald, 3-2, Greg Nemi d. David Nemi, 2-up, Jim Alexander d. Jack Lambert, 4-2, Randy Oliver d. Ron McAllister, 1-up, Stan Cilley, Tom Chapman all square, Craig Boone d. Neil Stinneford, 3-1, Dan Labbe d. Norm Leavitt, 3-1, Joe Rapp d. Alan Brisard, 2-up. Pin, second shot, No. 5, Ron Greco 11-2, Mike Tibbetts 18-11; No. 6, Mike Tibbetts 2-5, Peter Benson 12-9.


NORWAY – Ladies Day: Nine holes, Gross, Freda Truman 53. Net, Pat Winsor 37, Nancy Cutter 37. 18 holes, Gross, Jo Ann Somers 90. Net, Jeanette Rodrick 63. Scotch foursome, Tpdd Smith/Hope Barker/Niel Brown/Marjorie Howe 33, Bob Handville/Jackie Bennett/Bob Cutter/Nancy Cutter 35, Paul Coville/Connie Swan/Roger Roderick/Jeanette Roderick 35, Dick Onofrio/Mary Lou Onofrio/Ken Knightly/Pat Frye 35.

Ladies Member/Guest Scramble: Gross, Marci Bowman/Rocky Cyr/Kelly Townsend/Cindy Killer and Jamie Hodgson/Robin Dekutoski/Hope Barker/Karen Johnson 74. Net, Pat Frye/Carol Whitman/Jeanette Roderick/Eleanor Bayless 40, Kyle Phillips/Morgan Andrews/Ginny Cote 46.

OHCHS Football Scramble: Gross, Tod Smith/Ron Shures/Raylene Buck/Hope Barker 59, Ted Moccia/Jeff Benson/Shane Slicer/Dave Verrier 64. Net, Marjorie Howe/Roxanne Cyr/Nick Handville/Brandon Paul 45.

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