This is in response to Tammy Grieshaber’s letter of Jan. 22.

I, too, am an “out of towner,” writing over concern about the future of the Turner Center for the Arts. TCA is a venue for regional artists that the residents of Turner should be proud to support and protect.

TCA artist members (and non-members) are offered a venue to publicly share their artistic talents and interpretations of life in Central Maine and beyond. In doing so, they enrich the lives of others, including citizens of voting age and the young citizens who are developing potentials and interests.

The TCA offers opportunities for beginners to explore and to witness the fruits of lifelong dedication to art forms. It also offers established artists opportunities to share, communicate, receive critque, expand horizons and put Turner on the map in the state of Maine as a “must see” destination.

Such a venue requires time and commitment to come to full potential. It requires the forward thinking and value appreciation of its supporters, board members, local officials and residents of Turner.

I truly encourage residents of Turner to honor the dedicated work of TCA’s directors and board, as well as all the artist members and instructors, by showing and voting their belief in the continuation of TCA.

Cindy Rehagen Langewisch, Livermore Falls

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