AUBURN – An attempt was made early last evening to gain entrance to the St. Louis Church, Third and Dunn streets. Boys passing by saw the intruders and hurried to the home of Father Gauthier. Three men were seen to run away. The priest armed with a revolver made an attempt to find them but at an early hour this morning they had not been captured.

LEWISTON – A Lewiston business man suggests that it would add greatly to the comfort and pleasure of spectators at baseball games if the small boys who now persist in making so much racket could be either kept outside the gates or if let in kept in order.

50 years ago, 1958

AUBURN – Police will be driving Plymouth sedans as cruiser cars this year. Only two bids were received by Auburn City Manager Woodbury Brackett and Advance Auto Sales Inc. of Auburn was low bidder by about $1,600. Advance offered three four-door 1958 eight-cylinder Plymouth Plaza model sedans with heavy duty equipment for a net price of $2,590. The company will take in trade two 1957 Ford station wagons and a 1956 Ford sedan.

• Right now, those dandelions are almost welcome as a sure sign that spring is here but before long homeowners will be cursing the lawn-spoilers, which spread faster than a man can buy weed killers.

25 years ago, 1983

Tired of carrying a pocketful of change to feed Lewiston parking meters? Fed up with finding a yellow parking ticket flapping from your wiper blade? For on-the-job contractors, drivers who make frequent pick-ups and deliveries and just about anyone else with a good reason, there is an alternative – the plastic meter bag.

For years, the city of Lewiston has offered motorists a way to escape paying parking meters and save parking spaces. Once made of leather, the department now offers motorists a red plastic bag that fits over a meter. “No Parking. Police Department,” is written on the bag, saving the motorist a parking space and waiving the need to put money in the meter.

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