I am dismayed that the local American Legion has surrendered to pressure from the University of Maine at Farmington. Mr. Charles Bennett’s brave efforts were in vain. Rather then support him, The Legion chose UMF.

It appears that they have retreated.

It seems the legion is not aware that UMF is only a business at heart and only makes peace to avoid bad publicity.

The Legion and Mr. John Frary could learn a leason from a young man named Jeffery Sahli. I learned of Jeffery in the Rocky Mountain News, who ran a story titled “Boy Stands For Old Glory.”

It seems this 14-year-boy was dismayed with the horrible tattered condition that American flags received because school systems did little to protect the flags.

Sahli requested, and was given permission, to raise and lower the school flag each day in his effort to protect it from the weather.

What made me very proud was the fact that the school system and citizens supported this young man.

Such support seems lacking in our higher education system in Farmington.

Bob Harper, Farmington

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