SAD 44
Classes start Aug. 27
Bus 20 – run starts 6:15 a.m.: Rt. 35, Hatstat Rd., Hunts Corner Rd., Wardwell Rd., Rt 5 to THS/CPS
Bus 4 – run starts 6.20 a.m.: E. Andover, Farmers Hill Rd., E. Andover back to So. Arm Rd. to AES.
Second run – starts at 7:15: North Andover, Upton Rd., Rt. 5, So. Andover back to AES
Bus 19 – run starts 6:15 a.m.: No. Main St., Andover Wood Products, So. Arm Rd., Rt 120, E. Andover, Farmers Hill Rd. to Bethel, then to Bailey Rd. and to THS/CPS.
Bus 3 – run starts at 6:15 a.m.: North Andover, Sawyer Notch Rd., Upton Rd., Main St., Rt. 5 to Rt. 2, Hanover, Howard Pond Rd., Mill Hill Rd., to Rt. 2, Top Hat Rd., Rt. 2 to Newry Corner to THS/CPS
Bus 2 – run starts 6:35 a.m.: Vernon St. to Remington’s , Irish Neighborhood, Paradise, Mason St., to Intervale Rd. to Carter’s Farm and to THS/CPS.
Bus 25 – run starts 6:30 a.m.: Intervale Rd from Carter’s Farm to Rumford Town Line, East Bethel Road to Locke Mills to THS/CPS.
Bus 26 – run starts 6:30 a.m.: Covered Bridge Rd. to Nordic Knoll, Sunday River Rd., Rt 2 to West Bethel, Barker Rd., Rt. 2 West to Campground, back to Flat Rd to Liberty Lane, to Rt.2, Railroad St. to THS. Railroad St., Elm St., Winter St., Church St. to CPS.
Bus 21 – run starts 6:35 a.m.: Rt. 2 west of Campground, Bog Rd., Gilead, North Rd., Rt. 2 West from North Rd., to THS/CPS.
Bus 32 – run starts 6:40 a.m.: From Ernie Waterhouse’s, Flat Rd., Mason Township, Grover Hill Rd., to Baker Rd. in Albany to THS/CPS
Bus 23 – run starts 6:35 a.m.: Gore Rd., Old Gore Rd., McCrillis Brook Rd., Bird Hill Rd., Chandler Hill, Rt. 26 North to THS/CPS
Bus 12 – run starts 6:35 a.m.: Rowe Hill, Twitchel Pond, Mount Abram as far as Cross Rd., to THS/CPS
Bus 17 – run starts 6:15 a.m.: Upton, Newry, Lone Pine Rd., Rt 2 as far as Sunday River Rd, Cross St. to THS/CPS.
Bus 28 – run starts 5:55 a.m.: Greenwood City, Patch Mountain, Hayes Hill, Richardson Hollow, Alcohol Mary Rd., Morse Rd, Old County Rd, to WES to drop WES students and get TMS/THS students from bus 24 then on to TMS/THS.
Bus 22 – run starts 6:20 a.m.: Rt 232, turning at Buck’s, Gore Rd., McCrillis Brook/Bird Hill, Rt 232, Rumford Ave. to WES. Drop TMS/THS students at 7:15, then to Main St., North Main St., turning at the Ball Field. Return with these elementary students to WES.
Bus 24 – run begins 5:45 a.m.: Estes Rd, Andrews Rd, Koskela Rd, Perkins Valley , Cushman Rd., to WES.
Bus 31 – run starts 6:05 a.m.: Curtis Hill, Rt. 26 north from Andrews Corner, Church St., Rowe Hill, Sheepskin Bog, Railroad St., Bryant Pond Post Office, Main St to WES. Leave elementary students and receive students from Bus 22, then on to TMS/THS.
*Notes: Woodstock THS/TMS town students will meet Bus 31 at the Bryant Pond Post Office. Due to unforeseen circumstances, bus pick up times may vary from the scheduled times. For more information call the Transportation Department at 824-2471 or e-mail at [email protected]