Singer-songwriter Lucie Therrien, whose signature is French-Canadian music and traditions, has released a new book and CD set titled “Dual Citizen – Deux Citoyennetés.”

Written in English with a French cachet, it offers something new: memoir glimpses (written in prose and/or rhythmic poetry); something old: French-Canadian traditions (feasts, recipes and dances she grew up with); and something festive: 17 songs and poems.

“Dual Citizen” was released in celebration of Quebec’s 400th anniversary in 2008.

It contains 106 pages and 28 photos, as well as the lyrics and words to the CD.

“I started writing poetry about two years ago, but it came to me very naturally because of a lifetime of writing lyrics. It’s thrilling to add this creative expression to my repertoire of career interests – like a breath of fresh air,” said Therrien.

Therrien has built a lifelong career in music that began when she moved as a young adult from Quebec to the United States. She has also written music, lyrics and poetry; filmed and produced videos and DVDs with accompanying curriculum guides; and released 15 recordings.

Her creations are distributed nationally and internationally. She has given performances in more than five continents, meriting several awards from the NHSCA, a state agency of the National Endowment for the Arts.

“Dual Citizen” chronicles the critical events that paved her life: the inner struggles brought on by her cultural, linguistic and national duality; events following her crossing of the border; and surviving illness and challenges, both as a young girl and a woman. It details how she carved a niche in a competitive career in French in an English-speaking country.

The 17 selections on the CD alternate between songs and poems accompanied by music; 12 of the titles are originals. The songs and poems are primarily in English. Five are bilingual French/English, one is in Spanish with “Vocalize” opening the collection.

Also featured are such well-known songs as “Carousel” (Jacques Brel), “A Man and a Woman” (theme from the 1966 movie), “Plaisir d’amour/The Joys of love,” and Edith Piaf’s “Je ne Regrette Rien/No Regrets.”

The CD’s variety is impressive: folk, jazz, ballads, classical, popular, even a rap song/poem called “Hyper.”

The book and CD set may be purchased for $29.95 online at

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