LEWISTON – Lewiston Rec grade school hoop results:


Martel Light Green vs. Trinity Catholic White – Leading scorers, Isaiah Harris (M), Zachary Abisalih and Nathan Albert (T); Coaches awards, Ryan Bell (M), Michael Mers-Kelly (T); Hustle, I. Harris (M), Shane Missler (T); Sportsmanship, Elijah Harris (M), Ben Sawyer (T).

Trinity Catholic Blue vs. Martel Dark Green – Leading scorers, Michael Bryant (T), Brandon Varney (M); Coaches’ awards, Michael Wong (T), Brandon Varney (M); Hustle, Evan LeClair (T), Dominique Sepulveda (M); Sportsmanship, Bryce Moody (T), Jacob Gosselin (M).

Montello Blue vs. Farwell Blue – Leading scorers, Ahmed Mohamed (M), Brennan Gillespie (F); Coaches’ awards, Angel Attieri (M), James Flynn (F); Hustle, Jordan Palmer (M), Zachary Alexander (F); Sportsmanship, Hassan Mohamed (M), Abdulahi Ahmed (F).

McMahon Black vs. Pettingill Panthers – Leading scorers, Sheon James (M), Julian Smedley and Gage Cote (P); Coaches’ awards, Austin Wing (M), Julian Smedley (P); Hustle, Devin Gendron (M), Kevin Dillingham (P); Sportsmanship, Josh Gilchrist (M), Izrale Ferrell (P).

McMahon Gold vs. Montello Red – Leading scorers, Carter Chabot (Mc), Ibrihim Ali (Mo); Coaches’ awards, Chris Hazelton (Mc), Abdi Sharif (Mo); Hustle, Keenan Lynch (Mc), Jason Gonzales (Mo); Sportsmanship, Zach Gosselin (Mc), Ibrihim Ali (Mo).


Farwell vs. Martel Dark Green – Leading scorers, Kristian Blais (F), Samantha Green (M); Coaches’ awards, Erika Thibault (F), Kelsey St. Cyr (M); Hustle, Ashley Flint (F), Michelle Blais (M); Sportsmanship, Autumn Sibley (F), Gemma Smith (M).

Pettingill Panthers vs. Trinity Catholic White – Leading scorer, Kerseyanne Goyette (P); Coaches’ awards, Hailey Lebel (P), Alexia Laliberte (T); Hustle, Kelly Nuzzo (P), Olivia Mayo (T); Sportsmanship, Courtney Allen (P), Mariah Lemelin (T).

Montello Blue vs. Trinity Catholic Blue – Leading scorers, Tanya Ogden (M), Emily Jacques (T); Coaches awards, Keileigh Belanger (M), Sophie Fagone (T); Hustle, Alasia Branch (M), Francesca Haines (T); Sportsmanship, Brittany Bays (M), Ellen Richter (T).

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