Board: Rumford selectmen

Met: Thursday night

Black Mountain request

Issue: Black Mountain directors Chairman Roger Arsenault sought a $1,000 donation from the town to be put toward a fireworks display at a two-day family Winterfest on Saturday and Sunday, March 7 and 8.

The scoop: Arsenault said he is soliciting more donations from area businesses to achieve a goal of $2,000, although the board has yet to negotiate a price with a fireworks company.

Up next: By a 2-1 vote, selectmen OK’d donating $800 from Rumford’s Economic Development fund. Lone dissenter Frank DiConzo wanted the donation to be $500.

Unlicensed dog owners

Issue: The animal control officer is seeking legal authority to penalize or prosecute pet owners who don’t license their pets.

The scoop: This is an annual request made by the police chief who oversees the animal control officer.

Up next: Selectmen unanimously approved it.

Wall of Fame plaque

Issue: Information booth volunteer Ronald Russell wants the plaque removed from the wall and placed in the town hall where he says it belongs.

The scoop: Russell argued that visitors from all over the world stop into the information booth at the foot of the Pennacook Falls pool seeking information about the area. He needs the 9-foot by 5-foot Wall of Fame space for more pertinent displays, and not a plaque with only one name placed on it in six years.

Up next: Selectman Brad Adley motioned to move the plaque to the town hall, but it was killed by a 2-2 tie vote. Selectman Robert Cameron was absent.

Hazardous intersection

Issue: Intersection of Franklin Street and Rumford and Prospect Avenues deemed a hazard.

The scoop: Selectmen learned that the intersection near Meader’s Funeral Home was identified as an accident waiting to happen, because Franklin Street drivers can just merge into traffic.

Up next: Selectmen unanimously voted to have a stop sign placed on Franklin Street at the intersection.

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