Met: Tuesday, April 22

Issue: One of the three emergency vehicles owned by the town has high mileage and many maintenance issues.

The scoop: The board inspected and discussed the purchase of a 2002 Ford E450 ambulance for sale by Sugarloaf/USA ski area to replace the high-mileage ambulance.

Up next: The board voted to purchase the ambulance for $45,000.

Issue: One of the pickup trucks needs replacement.

The scoop: The board inspected and discussed purchasing a 2006 Chevrolet pickup.

Up Next: The truck will be bought for $21,500 from KRY Auto of Turner.

Issue: Despite attempts to fix Fish Road last summer, it continues to crack and deteriorate along the riverbank.

The scoop: The board asked the town manager to close the road to heavy traffic and temporarily fix the cracks, and to look for a more permanent solution.

Up Next: The town manager posted the road and will have cracks filled while seeking a solution from soil and water conservation engineers.

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