Recently, I job shadowed Mr. Chris Sedenka of the Big Jab sports radio station. I was on air for about fifteen minutes. In those fifteen minutes, I talked about who my favorite teams were and why they were my favorite teams. For those who do not know, I am a passionate Yankees, Colts, Devils, and Lakers fan. Over the past few days, I have dealt with numerous people calling me a bandwagon fan. I have a problem with that.

Let’s bring up a little history first before I get into the fact that I am not a bandwagon fan. First of all, seeing as though I am 14, I didn’t really become a true sports fan until about 2001. In 2001, only the Los Angeles Lakers were able to win their sport’s championship. Since 2002, I have witnesses only three championships won amongst my four favorite teams.

The people that make me mad are the people that prejudge other fans as bandwagon fans. Sure, if you are living in New England and you hear a young fan say that they like teams that happen to be rivals of New England teams, then you can make a case for those fans being bandwagon fans. However, you cannot make a case against me. Looking at the facts right now, if I were a bandwagon fan, don’t you think I would be a Boston Red Sox or New England Patriots fan? Don’t you think that I have anxiously been waiting for a Yankees’ World Series victory long enough?

What about those fake New England fans? Don’t people realize that there are people out there who classify themselves as a New England sports fan? They wear the caps (especially the pink ones!) and, sometimes, even jerseys, but they don’t have a darn clue about what is going on with their “favorite” teams. They don’t bother to watch any games. In fact, I know some of these fans probably couldn’t name the starting lineup for their teams. So, I ask you New England sports fans, why bother ripping true fans that may not be New England fans, when you can rip your own local fans?

I was never “taught” to like Boston teams. Honestly I have a problem with fans that are taught to like their local teams. It should anyone’s choice to decide what sports teams they like. Nobody should be raising their kids to be a Boston fan just because they live in New England. Those kids who are being taught should be able to make a decision to like whomever they want when they are ready to actually be a sports fan. You have no problem insulting young fans like me who actually took the initiative to find their favorite teams on their own without any family influence. I have a problem with that, just like I have a problem with people calling me a bandwagon fan.

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