100 years ago, 1909

As the result of a fracas at the place of Mrs. Turgeon on the River Road, Lewiston, Sunday forenoon, Paul Litalien entered the police station about noon with a part of his nose bitten off. He entered a complaint against John Pitre, an Acadian, for assault and battery and Deputy Marshall Pettengill sent a squad of officers down to the place with orders to clean it out. Although the charge booked against Pitre was assault and battery it is thought that the crime of mayhem may be brought.

50 years ago, 1959

Auburn police know of a rooster that apparently is headed for the chopping block. Yesterday afternoon police received a complaint that an Auburn resident was keeping a rooster at his home in the city’s residential area. Auburn Patrolman Roger Ouellette talked to the owner who told the officer he was planning to get rid of the rooster. Police Sgt. Donald R. Delisle completed the report on the bird with the phrase, “It will not crow tomorrow.” The complaint told police the cock was waking everyone in the neighborhood with his traditional crow. . .at 5:30 a.m. 

25 years ago, 1984

Lewiston’s Lower Lisbon Street Task Force will meet at 4 p.m. Wednesday to discuss law enforcement and prosecution of violators with Androscoggin County District Attorney Janet T. Mills. The meeting with Miss Mills is part of the task force’s attempts to find ways to solve crime and social and environmental problems on lower Lisbon Street.The meeting will be held in Meeting Room B on the third floor of the City Building.

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