RANGELEY — With 180 points, Josh Haley of Rangeley Plantation claimed the best over-all award at the Rangeley Lakes Region Logging Museum’s 29th annual Logging Festival Woodsmen’s Competition on July 25 at the museum field.

Cheered on by his wife, Sherry, Haley took home a chainsaw as his award. Tied for second in best over-all were Sheridan Doyle and Mike Granberg of Rangeley with 160 points each. Both received a cash award. After the competition events ended, Sheridan Doyle and Jim Burak demonstrated axe chopping, and Burak demonstrated the bow saw. Judges were John Chandonnet, Suzanne Grover, Ron Robichaud and Krista Young. The competition was organized by Rodney Richard Jr. and Lenita Richard of Pownal.

Winners of individual events that counted for the best over-all award were as follows:

Crosscut saw: first, Josh Haley and James Carignan, 7:53 seconds, 50 points; second, Sheridan Doyle and Robert Doyle, 10:24, 40 points; third, Mike Granberg and Rodney Richard Jr., 10:95, 30 points; fourth, Jim Burak and Jimmy Haley, 11:66, 20 points; fifth, Kenny Adair and Kent LaPage, 17:56, 10 points.

Stock chainsaw: Mike Granberg, 19:81 seconds, 50 points; Josh Haley, 20:53, 40 points; Sheridan Doyle, 20:56, 30 points; Jim Burak, 20:64, 20 points; Robert Doyle, 20:93, 10 points.

Pulp piling: Mike Granberg, 43:59 seconds, 50 points; Kenny Adair, 48:53, 40 points; Josh Haley, 49:68, 30 points; Jim Burak, 53:19, 20 points; Sheridan Doyle, 54:23, 10 points.

Dot split: James Carignan, 275 points, 50 points; Josh Haley, 275, 40 points;; Mike Granberg, 200, 30 points; Jimmy Haley, 200, 20 points; Sheridan Doyle, 175, 10 points.

Pulp toss: Jim Burak, 33 ft. 6 in., 50 points; James Carignan, 31 ft. 10 in., 40 points; Sheridan Doyle, 29 ft. 7 in., 30 points; Josh Haley, 28 ft. 6 in., 20 points; Kenny Adair, 27 ft. 10 in., 10 points.

Axe toss: Robert Doyle, 10 points, 50 points; Sheridan Doyle, 8, 40 points; Jim Burak, 7, 30 points; Kent LaPage, 7, 20 points; James Carignan, 5, 10 points.

Winners of demonstration events that did not count toward the best over-all award were as follows:

Stock-appearing chainsaw: Robert Doyle, 4:49 seconds; Sheridan Doyle, 4:74; Josh Haley, 11:29; James Carignan, 14:26; Mike Granberg, 14:58.

Modified chainsaw: Sheridan Doyle, 3:84 seconds; James Carignan, 10:67; Josh Haley, 11:54.

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