For Nathan Sargent, there’s nothing better than flying helicopters. It’s both freedom and challenge. A childhood dream come true. And as a LifeFlight pilot, he also gets to help people. Which just makes flying even better.

Nathan Sargent



In a relationship.

long have you been flying?
10 years

become a pilot?
It was something I wanted to do all my life. My
father was a helicopter mechanic in the U.S. Army so I was around them
my entire life. It was a natural fit.

Having moved away from Maine as a child, I had always
wanted to come back to my roots. Maine is a very challenging and
beautiful place to fly. Every season brings something new to deal
with and the reward is you get professional satisfaction while doing
something to help the community that you love. I’m very proud to be
a native Mainer and even more proud to be there to help my fellow

would you describe flying in a helicopter to someone who’s never
Flying a helicopter is like nothing else in this world. It is a
very dynamic environment, with no two flights ever being the same. The weather is always changing, the winds are always different, and
then you throw in the fact that someone is really counting on you for
your help. It all adds up to a very demanding and satisfying job at
the end of the day.

part of your job?
The best part of my job is that it isn’t a job at
all. I love what I do and coming to work is something that I look
forward to. It’s not always easy, but that is what keeps me coming
back. I truly love what I do for a living.

The worst part is being stuck on the ground due to bad weather.
Although it’s part of life up here in the Northeast, it’s never
easy to take.

fly anything other than helicopters?
(Airplanes? Hot air
) I have flown single- and multi-engine airplanes and even
a small corporate jet, but nothing compares to the helicopter. It’s
a freedom all its own.

do people react when they learn that you’re a pilot?
The reactions
are wide and varied. Most think it’s neat, some think it’s crazy
and someone always brings up a helicopter story they know. I get a
lot of thanks from people, which is always nice to hear.

people often hit you up for a helicopter flight?
everyone wants a ride.

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