It was the week before Christmas and all through the night, Steve Peters was stirring, his idea taking flight.

It came to him, as he lay awake in bed. Christmas caroling with friends and family stuck in his head.

The 49 year old UPS driver from Lewiston wanted to start a new holiday tradition. His family and friends were skeptical, none could carry a tune. But who could say no, after all, it was the holiday season! Although his suit is brown instead of red, he indeed delivers many Christmas gifts. But not material goods this time, it would be a gift from the heart.

Last Saturday night at dusk, they all gathered at his home and had a small feast. His daughter Brooke printed out dozens of copies of the traditional songs and handed them out. Crooning out a few to hear what sounded best, three were chosen. Frosty the Snowman, Jingle Bells and Joy to the World. After a few minutes of practice it was clear, more practice would not help. “Hey, if we don’t get going soon, they’ll all be in bed” quipped cousin Maureen.

So they loaded up the cars, and the dozen plus headed over to Seville Place, a group of five apartment buildings in Lewiston. Peters delivers packages to many of them during the week and has grown fond of many of the residents. What better place he thought to bring some holiday cheer, even if it was a little out of tune.

Not knowing what kind of reception they would receive, the group approached the first building and rang the bells on the security doors. After being recognized by a tenant, they were buzzed inside and immediately broke into song, filing into the hallway. Doors began to creak open and many skeptical residents began to peer out.

When they finished, smiles and applause were their reward. While leaving one building, one tenant hurried back to her apartment to fetch some candy for the youngsters in the group.

But the most rewarding moment came from one of the last buildings where they sang. A regal woman who peered through a crack in her door, dressed in her nightgown, with a tear in her eye. “Thank you, thank you, thank you, you made my Christmas.” she said. And to all, it was a good night.

Some of the children peer through the door as the group waits to be let into one of the apartments at Seville Place in Lewiston while Christmas caroling.

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