“We don’t need this,” stated City Manager Glenn Aho.

With those words echoing in their ears, the four “yes men” of the Auburn City Council voted to spend another $7,000 and commit to spending another $8,000 in the next two years. It seems Councilors Bob Hayes, David Young, Ray Berube and Eric Samson have never seen an expenditure they didn’t want to purchase.

These four councilors can’t even keep with their own program. They passed a budget that called for single-site voting, reduced plowing and no spring cleanup, among other service reductions.

Then, when public pressure was too great, they voted to spend more money to reinstate five voting sites. When Councilor Belinda Gerry came up with a great idea for funding the five sites quickly agreed to by Manager Aho these four voted to get the money from another source to be found later.

If it isn’t their idea, they are not for it.

These guys are wasting our hard-earned tax dollars and not representing us at all. They are wasting money on a park that is not needed, a Main Street beautification project that is going to narrow the road and cost a ton. And we still won’t be plowed this winter.

Thank you Councilors Hayes, Young, Berube and Samson. Your service to our city is completely underwhelming.

Joe Gray, Auburn

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