DIXFIELD — Taron Mazza, a sophomore at Dirigo High School, might consider a career in nursing, now that she has learned a little about the profession at the high school’s Career Day on Monday.

“I changed my mind about nursing. There are so many things you can do as a nurse,” she said.

Senior Jill Schnorr was also surprised at just how much goes on behind the scenes at a bank.

“I learned there is more to a bank than you think,” the Dixfield student said.

Students could choose five workshops from more than 24 careers outlined by those who work in the fields. It was a way to show a little bit about many career paths a young person could take.

Charles Hulsey, a wildlife biologist, spoke about protecting beehives and bird feeders from bears, preventing beavers from clogging up a stream with their dams, and a myriad of other situations in the natural world. In another room, local businessman Chip Towle described the everyday requirements of running a your own business. Photographer Christal Treadwell offered her perspective on her art. And Dixfield police Sgt. Jeff Howe described the importance of getting to know the people in the community and how it affects police investigations.

Nichole Pidacks, a ninth-grader from Peru, likes just about anything that lets her be outdoors. She had visited presentations by local firefighters, the National Guard, and a ski and snowboard instructor.

“I like a lot of different things. Each is different in its own way,” she said.

Ian Fortin, a junior, liked the idea of getting to know a little bit about a variety of possible careers. For a long time in his young life, he has wanted to join the U.S. Marine Corps.

He had a chance to talk with representatives from the Marines, as well as those from the U.S. Navy and the National Guard, along with a presentation by local firefighters.

Fortin wants to go into aviation.

Nicholas Davenport, a sophomore, was impressed that the presenters he listened to provided both the positives and negatives of their jobs.

“Firefighters not only sacrifice themselves, but their families, too,” he said of the time firefighters must train.

Gretchen Bradbury, a sophomore, thought career day was both fun and interesting. She attended workshops in art, interior design and crime scene investigation. She was a little surprised to learn that grades aren’t as important in art school as creativity and a portfolio.

Dr. Mike Muir, a motivational speaker who is on the faculty of the University of Maine at Farmington, kicked off the day. In the afternoon, Travis Roy of Yarmouth, who was seriously injured during his first game as a member of the Boston University hockey team, ended the day with a talk on hope and persistence.

Career Day and Diversity Day are frequently offered in alternating years at the high school. Organizer Norm Greenberg, Dirigo’s learning lab coordinator, said those two special schoolwide days may include others devoted to wellness and environmental issues in future years.

A substantial amount of funding to hold Career Day and to bring Roy to Dirigo, comes from a Partnerships for Success grant the high school has with UMF.

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