FARMINGTON — Two Franklin County men indicted on kidnapping charges Thursday are accused of holding a local woman at gunpoint as part of a drug deal  Nov. 30, 2011.

A grand jury indicted Shane Webber, 25, of New Vineyard, and Dahlon Campbell, 22, of Jay, on charges of kidnapping, criminal threatening and violating a condition of release.

Campbell was also indicted on a charge of attempted trafficking in illegal drugs.

Webber has been held without bail since a December court appearance. Campbell was held on $5,000 cash bail and a pretrial service agreement was released after making bail.

A third person charged initially, Campbell’s mother, Sandi McAlpine, 41, of Jay, was not on the grand jury’s indictment list Thursday.

Campbell and Webber are accused of holding a woman against her will for several hours at a residence at 654 New Vineyard Road before releasing her at another location on Nov. 30.

According to a Farmington police affidavit, Webber and Campbell were both armed with shotguns at the time.

The victim was held because “her male friend” had sold them $2,000 worth of fake drugs and they would release her only if the guy came back and gave them the $2,000, Detective Marc Bowering’s affidavit stated.

Webber has been accused of bringing the guns to support Campbell in a bad cocaine deal, Assistant District Attorney James Andrews told the court in December.

“Mr. Webber brought the guns,” Andrews previously said. “This was Mr. Campbell’s drug deal.”

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