FARMINGTON — A local man pleaded guilty to stalking on Thursday in Franklin County Superior Court.

Christian T. Morgan, 30, of Farmington was arrested in February after the victim told police he had repeatedly called her, texted her and knocked on her door. She told police she had told him to leave her alone.

Morgan pleaded guilty to a felony charge of domestic violence stalking. A misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass was dismissed.

If the case went to trial, Assistant District Attorney Joshua Robbins said the victim would testify that Morgan kept calling her and she hung up on him. He told her if she hung up on him again, he would deal with it.

She would testify Morgan went to her apartment and knocked on the door for 20 minutes in an attempt to get in. When an infant started to cry, he went to his car and he began calling from there, she would testify. He began to repeatedly text her. She would also testify that Morgan told her he was going to kill himself.

Morgan admitted it was an attempt to get back together again, Robbins said.


The recommendation was to defer sentencing for 12 months under an agreement.

During that time Morgan, who has two previous convictions on domestic violence charges in 2008 and 2010, including criminal threatening, is to have a psychological evaluation.

His attorney, Woody Hanstein, said the evaluation has been done.

Judge Nancy Carlson, acting in designation of a superior court justice, said if all goes well, Morgan will be able to withdraw his felony plea and plead to a misdemeanor stalking charge and it would be unconditionally discharged.

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