100 years ago, 1913

Chief McCarron and Deputy Davis have declared war on the gang of young fellows who loiter upon the streets of Lewiston and propose to put a stop to this form of nuisance. As Deputy Davis was on his way home Wednesday noon he saw three or four young men moving up Lisbon street, near the entrance to Bliss Business college, they had their arms locked and were sweeping the sidewalk. As the deputy observed them, they swept a number of young women along with them. The deputy went into high gear and collared one of the chaps, reversed and conducted the fellow to police headquarters. The young man was permitted to depart at the close of the interview, but he was warned that next time it would be the court for him.

50 years ago, 1963
High winds which were whistling through the Twin Cities today toppled the state Civil Defense antenna on the Androscoggin County building this morning. The winds caused the antenna to break loose from its mooring and it toppled down the Court St. side of the building, hanging by a few guy wires. The building didn’t appear to be damaged.

25 years ago, 1988
Oxford voters this morning adopted an ordinance aimed at restricting crowd size at events. At a special town meeting at Oxford Hills High School, townspeople voted 170-26 to enact the ordinance, which also prevents promoters from sponsoring major events within 17 days of one another. Although the ordinance does not specifically mention Oxford Plains Speedway, the measure was written in response to a pair of rock concerts held at the speedway on successive weekends last summer. The Monsters of Rock concert, staged in late June, attracted an estimated 40,000 people to the speedway, snarling traffic along Route 26 to the Maine Turnpike. A week later, a Grateful Dead concert attracted about 140,000 people to this Western Maine town for two days during the July 4 weekend.
The ordinance, which takes effect immediately, limits crowd size at any single event in Oxford to no more than 25,000 people. The ordinance defines a mass gathering as any event that attracts more than 15,000 people to one location.

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