HARTFORD — Visiting Australian interfaith minister and recording artist, the Rev. Phil Jones, will serve Pinpoint of Light on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 23 and 24.

Jones will be available for private consultations on Saturday, Nov. 23. The Sunday devotional service will feature him speaking about the collective shift as divine feminine energy rises in this new phase of nurturing creativity.

A singer, Jones studied seven years with an Hindu teacher and parallels the didgeridoo with Eastern Philosophy, New Thought and Aboriginal Traditions.

An interactive workshop, teaching meditation and simple breathing techniques with the Australian didgeridoo is scheduled 1 p.m. Sunday, Nov. 24. Cost is $25.

Jones will teach four basic steps during the workshop: accessing a state of inner tranquility and connecting to the Divine within, which includes simple breathing exercises for enhanced meditation; demystifying the technique of circular breathing, teaching how to continuously make a sound through the instrument while breathing at the same time; bridging the subtle and physical realms via the expansion of harmonics; and creating nature, animal, percussive and toning sounds through projection of the voice.

Prior musical experience is not necessary. All participants will be provided an instrument to play during the workshop. Instruments and meditation CDs will be available to purchase after the workshop. To register early or for more information, contact the Rev. Penny Frobese at 515-1016.

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