JAY — Selectpersons appointed board Vice Chairman Justin Merrill and Chairman Steve McCourt on Monday to serve on a joint sewer committee with Livermore Falls sewer trustees.

McCourt asked that the next meeting be held in Jay. An initial meeting was held in Livermore Falls, at which a decision was made to form a committee.

The committee is charged with looking at the future of the Livermore Falls Waste Treatment Plant and whether a current agreement between the two towns will stay the same, a new one will be drafted or system governance changed.

Livermore Falls owns the plant. Jay and Livermore Falls share the cost of operating and maintaining it. The plant is a separate entity from the town of Livermore Falls. The Livermore Falls Sewer Department is also a separate entity.

An arbitrator suggested last year when a dispute over billing arose that a new or amended agreement be drafted to define responsibilities and billing protocol for operating and maintenance expenses of the plant.

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