100 years ago, 1914
Lewiston News Items – A horse dropped dead at Main and Lisbon streets, Saturday afternoon. It was removed immediately. The name of the owner was not disclosed.
A large place in the side display window of the Riker-Jaynes store, Lewiston Journal building, was smashed Saturday by a wagon backing into it.
The pavement on Lisbon street, Lewiston, from Ash to Lisbon, especially the section near the transfer station, is in poor condition. At one place a huge block of the paving near the track is out. Sunken places form pools of water from the sprinklers. The street needs grooming in the opinion of many merchants. The suggestion that more attention he paid to cleaning the refuse from the street in the morning is made.

50 years ago, 1964
Although the use of garden hoses has been restricted to one hour a day in Lewiston, as a result of the continuing drought, the lawns at Bates College will not go dry this summer. A college official notified Lewiston police today that the watering of lawns on the campus will be done with the use of well water. Last year, the college had a large well dug for just such a purpose.

25 years ago, 1989
A large chunk of the Garcelon Bog, a 100-plus acre peat bog in Lewiston, would be protected under a 14-lot subdivision plan presented to city officials Tuesday. Maurice Goulet, a long-time Lewiston resident, took preliminary subdivision plans before the city’s Planning Board that would use 33 acres of Garcelon Bog to satisfy city requirements for open space in large subdivisions. Garcelon Bog in the Holy Family area of Lewiston contains rare bog vegetation and wildlife including deer, partridge and owls.

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