100 years ago, 1914
Passengers up and down lower Main street, in Lewiston have noticed a huge brick chimney in process of construction and steadily rising into the air day by day. This great tower is for the now powerhouse of the Lewiston & Auburn Light Co., and when completed will be used as a reserve plant for emergencies. Already this electric company have three reserve power plants, one of which is near the Barker mill in Auburn, another at Littlefield’s, while the third one is in the basement of the old Lincoln mill. Those can all be used when an accident happens to the Libby & Dingley plant at Deer Rips or when any extra power is needed.

50 years ago, 1964
A report that a committee of citizens of the town of Webster has been organized to study the feasibility of a merger of Webster with the city of Lewiston was confirmed today by Aime Vachon, chairman of the committee. Vachon, an orchardist and resident of the town the past 30 years, said “the committee believes both communities would benefit from the merger“ and he said that persons contacted in both areas “are in favor of the movement.” Vachon, in outlining advantages of the merger, mentioned the town’s water and educational problems as reasons for the action taken to form the study committee.

25 years ago, 1989
Under cloudy skies more than 2,500 visitors and alumni flocked to the top of Gloucester Hill Sunday to take part in Opportunity Farm’s annual Harvest Festival. The harvest at the 650-acre working farm, with its commanding view to the east, is made possible through the work of the boys and staff. Today nearly 60 percent of the annual food needs of the boys’ home are provided from the bounty of the farm. In addition to vegetables, the boys raise their own beef, pork and poultry. Opportunity Farm is a licensed group home for 35 boys ages six to 18, entirely supported through private funding.

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