The name intrigues: Upscale Resale Boutique.

So does the location: Slightly outer Main Street in Lewiston, an area more used to lawyers’ offices than retail. 

What Bag Lady found in this week’s shopping adventure: It’s like going through the closet of your friend who works at a bank, organic gardens on the weekends, belongs to a wine of the month club and isn’t afraid to show her curves. Like that.

And it’s housed in what looks like a restored former carriage house behind Century 21.

The new space is small and inviting, and laid out in a very let’s-have-a-cocktail versus that-will-be-$3.49 kind of way. Prime example: There’s a guest book at the door. That people have actually written in it.

Sizes looked like they trended to 8 and under, with some exceptions. Besides clothes, the Upscale Resale Boutique has jewelry, purses and luggage.

And shoes. Fabulous shoes. Like, I want to meet the woman who cleared these from her closet and shake her hand. 

Until I find her, there’s:

* Black sequin and crochet long-sleeve top, large, $10

Pay no mind to the crochet — it’s just a place to hang more sequins. This shirt will own New Year’s Eve. It will know all the words to “You Shook Me All Night Long” on karaoke. It will meet cute with a 38-year-old recently divorced engineer. It will mix the best chocolate martini ever. Now, it’s looking for the person to own New Year’s Eve with it.

* Fresh Produce black jacket with pale thread, medium, $4

Cute, smart, work-wardrobe-ready, like most of the inventory.

* Navy dress, medium, $25

Slinky, shiny and lined — everything a navy dress should be. The original tag for $39.50 is still on it, which always feels like a gift from the shopping gods.

* Orange rubber purse, $30

Clearly, I’m doing it no service with that description. How about, oddly cool orange rubber purse? New, clasped, no name brand to be seen but playing Detective Google reveals it may be a knockoff of an orange rubber Birkin bag. OK, knockoff is harsh. How about, inspired by?

* La Sera floral dress, high waist, deep colors, XL, $15

A mere eight months until this can be busted out of your closet. A mere. That’s Bag Lady’s perennial optimism.

* Sunny Leigh polka-dot skirt, size 8, $7

Brown with pink piping. Very sweet and versatile. Add tights and felt Birkenstocks to organic garden in this or add loafers to go to the library. Or wear with no top to be all, “Hello! Check out my skirt!” versatile.

* Chunky wooden necklace, $3

Two styles to choose from. Easily pairs with the skirt above.

Best find: Esprit black stilettos, size 8, so many grommets, $10

How many grommets would be too many? These have one less than that. They are Saturday night in 1992. In a great way.

Think twice: Sequin hats with button center, $7

In pink, green or purple, kind of a modified pageboy look. To don it, one should probably be a clown or over 70 with an effervescent spirit, the sort who make you smile walking into a room and when they leave, you say to the person next to you, “Did you see that happy person in that happy hat?” Like that.

Bag Lady’s true identity is protected by a pair of stylish, sweater-wearing Doberman Pinschers (who are past destroying fabulous shoes) and the Customer Service counter at the Sun Journal. You can reach her at [email protected]

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