It’s a disappointing end for the Bangor city councilor, lawyer and brother of former Gov. John Baldacci, leaving Emily Cain, the former Orono legislator who lost to U.S. Rep. Bruce Poliquin in 2014, as the presumptive nominee to face the freshman Republican again in November.

Baldacci was always facing a tough battle for the nomination: Cain never stopped campaigning after her loss to Poliquin and announced her second run in March with the backing of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, the campaign arm for House Democrats.

It was near July’s end by the time Baldacci announced his run, but he struggled to keep pace with Cain. By December’s end, he raised just $161,000 to her $787,000— not including a $32,000 loan he gave to to his campaign — and had $76,000 left to her $550,000.

But money wasn’t the only problem: Lately, campaign releases from Cain touted that she “has thus far earned every endorsement made” in the race, and though Baldacci got money from his brother, other family members, lawyers and other donors, it was formally true.

Cain swept up support from unions and environmental groups, leaving Baldacci in a poor position within his party and in even poorer shape if he ever had to take on Poliquin, a fundraising juggernaut who has raised $1.85 million so far.

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