GILEAD — In celebration of International Migratory Bird Day, White Mountain National Forest biologist Lesley Rowse will lead an early-morning bird walk on Saturday, May 14.

Each spring millions of migratory birds return to the U.S. and Canada to breed and raise their young. A variety of birds, including several species of warblers and thrush, return each year to breed in the White Mountain National Forest. Throughout the walk, Rowse will be looking for newly arrived migrants, including the many parula warblers that love to frequent this spot. 

The two-hour walk will begin at 7 a.m. at the parking area near Hastings Campground. All ages and abilities are welcome. The parking area is located at the junction of Route 113 and the Wild River Road. Those participating should take Route 2 to 113 and travel south; the gate on the south end of Route 113 is still closed.

“Spread Your Wings for Bird Conservation” is the theme for International Migratory Bird Day National. This year’s International Migratory Bird Day represents a collaboration of many people to protect migratory birds along their entire flyways and throughout their life cycles. 

International Migratory Bird Day is sponsored by Environment for the Americas. It celebrates the migration of more than 350 species of nesting birds that nest in North America, and winter in Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean. 

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