On Nov. 8, residents of Dixfield are going to be asked again to repeal the wind ordinance and, again, it is confusing.

Those who vote “yes” are voting to give away the only protection Dixfield has. Selectmen Norine Clark, Aaron Jamison and Eugene Sibitsky do not want an ordinance; they want to default to the state and federal government. A “yes” vote will result in no protection for Dixfield.

If people vote “no,” the selectmen have to at least consider citizens’ concerns, property values, fire protection, sound limits, decommissioning costs and scenic values. A “no” vote is the best way back to having a stronger ordinance.

As for the money, is a $51 reduction in a person’s taxes worth sending power to Massachusetts and destroying area mountain tops?

The community is currently spending upwards of $50,000 to figure out how to regain control of the school from RSU 10, and those three mentioned selectmen want us to give away the lifestyle and environment to the state and federal governments and wind developers.

I wonder — were any of them on the board when Dixfield joined RSU 10?

Residents can protect themselves and their neighbors by voting “no” on the wind ordinance, which will also protect those precious Dixfield mountains.

Patricia Garbarini, Dixfield

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