100 years ago, 1917
Robert P. Owen of Auburn, who for several seasons has been in charge of the baths at Poland Spring, is in New York City studying the methods used at the famous baths. In writing of the baths, Mr. Owen mentions especially the great swimming pool and says that water is running in and out all the time thru two powerful electric machines which sterilize the water and make it as clear as Poland water.

50 years ago, 1967
The Neighborhood Youth Corps, with headquarters on Park Hill Avenue, Auburn, is in a position to help qualified youths secure employment, the coordinator of the federally-financed program, Mrs. Ann Ward of Lewiston, noted today. Youths out of school and out of work, ages 16 to 21 inclusive, who “exist day by day with no hope of a better future,” can get help at the NYC office, Mrs. Ward said. There are, she noted, “young people, some without families,” who often “sleep during normal working hours and roam the streets at night.” While the situation is more serious in many other, larger communities, it does exist in the Lewiston-Auburn area. And there’s no need for it, because facilities are available, and “for those who are eligible, job placements usually occur within a two-day period,” Mrs. Ward declared.

25 years ago, 1992
Two grocery stores and the River Road recycling center continue to be available as drop-off sites for Lewiston residents’ old phone books, said Eileen Sylvan Johnson, superintendent of solid waste. Shaw’s on Lisbon Street and Shop ‘n Save on Sabattus Street will accept phone books through February; the River Road site is available year-round. The directories are being made into cellulose insulation by a Sabattus company.

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