Once again, Maine’s illustrious governor (far, far from it) has showed all of New England that shooting off his mouth (again) has alienated a whole bunch of people. In this case, millions of New England Patriots fans. LePage’s best quality is making a fool of himself — again.

The Patriots are New England’s team and for LePage to not invite them to his royal kingdom (Augusta) is beyond my comprehension. Thank God, his time as chancellor is running out. Bring on Jared Golden.

He has been quoted as saying “the Patriots represent bad business and lack character and integrity.” In my opinion, that quote fits him more appropriately than the Patriots. Who has brought more revenue to New England and Maine — the Patriots or LePage? And who has bolstered the spirits of Mainers more in this country of turmoil, LePage or the Patriots?

As always, LePage doesn’t think before he opens his mouth. Who needs him to invite the Patriots to Maine? He only provides negative entertainment, unlike the Patriots.

I hope someone in the Patriots organization understands that true Mainers would welcome the Patriots team with open arms and hearts.

George Ferguson, Sabattus

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