100 years ago, 1918
“One of the worst places in the two cities for teaming is on the Main Street bridge across the Androscoggin,” said a much-peeved citizen today. “And yet it seems to be the last place where the two cities or the electric road make any attempt to put the road into passable condition. It is more than annoying — it is dangerous.”

50 years ago, 1968
Top priority was given last night to Lewiston’s Model Cities application by Mayor William Rocheleau Jr. at a meeting of the Citizen’s Advisory Committee, Rocheleau told the group, “I’m really determined to get this application in.” He added that he had proved his sincerity by getting $10,000 included in the budget for the project. He said he was giving the program “real priority” and would make any room available for committee meetings and would have four staff members available to aid the committee. Mayor Rocheleau said the Finance Board has included the $10,000 in the budget and many citizens are not even aware of it. This money, he added, can be used only on the Model Cities application.

25 years ago, 1993
Long-term parkers in Auburn’s Great Falls Plaza lot should pay for monthly parking stickers, Ward 2 Councilor Normand Guuy proposed at a meeting Monday. He suggested a $20 a month fee for spaces in an area of the lot to be designated. Other spaces would continue to be free for those parking two hours or less. “For someone to know they can park there for less than $1 a day is not that much of an imposition,” Guay said. “It would take a minimal amount of money to just change the signs.” Mayor Richard Trafton assigned Guay and Ward 5 Councilor Norman McKeone to draft a proposal — subject to council approval — that would set up a parking sticker system. They are to work in conjunction with the Police Department’s truffle division and the Department of Community Development.

The material in Looking Back is reproduced exactly as it originally appeared, although misspellings and errors made at that time may be corrected.

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