There is a farm on my road that had a very sweet dog. He lived outside with the animals and kept an eye on them.

Whenever we walked by, he would run out to greet us with a little happy dance and woof. I would give him dog biscuits and pat him on the head. He’d look at me then eat his biscuits. We did the same thing on the return trip. I called him Zeth.

One recent morning he was lying dead in the ditch. The turkey vultures had started their work. Whoever hit him did not have the decency to check on him or see if his owner was home. He deserved better than that. I said my goodbyes with a final pat.

I would like to ask drivers to please be aware of animals on back country roads. If you hit one, stop and contact someone.

My heart is broken for my good boy.

Cynthia Norton, Sumner

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