Some of the homemade signs carried at the Walk for Peace in Lewiston. (WGME)

LEWISTON (WGME) – More than 50 people came together at Kennedy Park in Lewiston to march for peace on Sunday.

“We’re hoping we can get the community to come together and try and end the violence,” said Ashley Medina, an organizer from the Lewiston United for Peace and Hope Committee.

Medina is also a resident of the community, and says the recent murders in the city have kept her awake at night.

“It’s as sad as it’s frightening,” she said.

The peace walk started in Kennedy Park with people speaking about those who’ve died this summer, including 38-year-old Donald “Donny” Guisti, and 48-year-old Kimberly Dobbie.

“Donny was a real good friend of mine, I knew his family,” said Misty Lewis, a Lewiston resident.

“Kimberly was my girlfriend. We had been dating for about three months,” said Jim Lipps, a Lewiston resident.

The walk stopped at places that have experienced violence in the past couple months, with speakers from across faith-based and community organizations talking about ways to bring the violence to an end.

“I just wish everybody would get together and show peace and not hate. You know; we’re in this world to help each other not to hate,” said Lewis.

Organizers say this march will show people in the city that they’re not alone.

“People will know there are people who want change, there are people that want to put things into action to make things happen,” said Medina.

The march was patrolled by Lewiston police officers who assisted in shutting down certain intersections of the city to let the crowd pass through. Organizers say this march will symbolize both the end of violence, as well as the end of negative attitudes by community members.

“This will send a message that we really do want change and it’s not all bad down here,” said Medina.

The march ended with a vigil at the Calvary Methodist Church where the group sang songs and prayed for a better tomorrow.

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