Buckfield Bucks

Coach: Kyle Rines (seventh year)

Class: D South; Conference: East-West

Last year’s results: 15-2, lost in D South regional final.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Noah Wiley (F), Dylan Harvey (F), Cole Merrill (D), Jacob Toomey (M), Abram Cormier (D), Hunter White (F), Corey Umstead (D); Juniors — Dan Perry (D), Caleb Chabe (M), Brandon Donahue (G), Victor Verrill (F); Sophomores — Elijah Chasse (F), Rick Kraske (G), Kaleb Harvey (M), Keegan Jack (D), Max White (M), Sam Billings (D), Caleb Hill (M), Jared Lucas (D).

Key lost athletes: Ethan Jackson (M), Zack Grover (D), Andrew Warren (D), Tobias Worthley (M), Mason Barker (M), Dakota Waterman (M).

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Nathan Cyr (D), Shane St. Pierre (D); Freshmen — Hunter Driscoll (M), Zach Shields (M).

What to expect: The Bucks return a large portion of the roster from last year’s regional runner-up team, including seniors who played in the state championship game when they were freshmen. Rines sees a strength on the offensive side of the field, but there are some holes to fill in the defense. Junior Dan Perry will be the leader out back, and Kraske is a solid goalie. Rines is looking for another top-three finish in the region if the defense rounds into form and the offense scores like it can.

Dirigo Cougars

Coach: Bob Karcher (third year)

Class: C South; Conference:  MVC

Last year’s results: 0-14

Returning athletes: Seniors — Jeremy St. Germain, Zeb Houghton; Juniors — John Snowman, Damien Nadeau, Mateo Lapointe, Nolan Downs; Sophomores — Spencer Jacques, David Callender.

Key lost athletes: Wes Libby, Jonah Downs.

Promising newcomers: Sophomore — Jacob Gallant; Freshmen — Drew Collins, Derrick Collins, Ethan Woods, Loegan Hodgkins, Hunter Berry.

What to expect:  Karcher has a few starters who have been with him since the beginning of his tenure, which should help the Cougars get into the win column. The Cougars haven’t made the playoffs in five years, but Karcher expects to be more competitive this season.

Edward Little Red Eddies

Coach: Tim Mains (third year)

Class: A North; Conference:  KVAC

Last year’s results: 10-5-1, lost in A North semifinals.

Returning athletes: Christian Beliveau, Oliver Hall, Mnawer Dubai, Jamaine Luizzo.

Key lost athletes: Alex Thompson, Tyler Morin, Patrick Luizzo, Jacob Kyahjohnian.

Promising newcomers: Senior — Wol Maiwen (M); Juniors — Jake Arel, Cam Sturgis (D); Sophomore — Jacob Jackson (D).

What to expect: The Red Eddies lose a lot of experience from last year’s team, with the departure of 18 players for varying reasons. Mains still expects his program to be competitive, however. The four returning players are dedicated, and Mains is hoping they can take the younger players under their wings and get ready to compete at the varsity level.

Gray-New Gloucester Patriots

Coach: Andy Higgins (eighth year)

Class: B South; Conference: WMC

Last year’s results: 4-10-1, lost in B South preliminary round.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Brannon Gilbert (G), Jake Kackmeister (D), Nick McCann (M), Lawson Dunford (M), Kyle Curtis (G/D), Michael Sutherland (M/D), Jeremy Mazur (D), Kyle Mercier (D), Noah Bruns (M/F); Juniors — Jacob MacCallum (D), Nick Pelletier (M), Tristan Fogg (D), Drew LaCerda (F), Austin LaLiberty (M), Logan True (M); Sophomores — Alex Brooks (D), Keegan Brooks (F).

Promising newcomers: Senior — Ryan Verrill (F); Juniors — Hunter Brown (F), Jacob Piela (D), Alex Farrington (D), Kaleb Frey (M); Sophomore — Kyle Martell (D); Freshmen — Josh Michaud (F), Cam Roberge (M).

What to expect: The Patriots are looking to rebound from what they consider a “down” season last year, and Higgins said they are hungry to erase those memories. They have a blend of experience and youth, and Higgins feels like both groups are solid, and that the Patriots will need to be solid to contend in the “tire-iron tough” Western Maine Conference.

Hebron Academy Lumberjacks

Coaches: Kurt Swanbeck (ninth year), assistant Casey Ftorek (ninth year)

Conference: MAISAD; League: NEPSAC, Class C

Last year’s results: 15-0-3, MAISAD and NEPSAC champions.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Kriish Parekh (D), Moustapha Camara (D), Keith Mank (G), Vedant Divekar (M); Sophomores — Trevor Swanbeck (M), Koki Matsuwaki (D), Darius Woolridge (F), Chaz Trott (F).

Key lost athletes: Michael Tahiru (F), Tyler Swanbeck (M), Christian Quinones (M), Freddie Hohmann (M), Justin Bell (F).

Promising newcomers: Post-graduates — Carlos Aybar (D), Iban Biaye (D); Seniors — Jaime Sanchez (M), Lucas Valdez (M); Juniors — Georg Rauscher (M), Andre Reis (M), Felix Stenberg (D), Anthony LeBlanc (M); Sophomores — Guillermo Alvarez (F), Alfredo Blanco (D), Moeen Shaikh (F), George Hendrick (D), Wesley Gilpin (M), Brandon Olsen (D); Freshman — Dan Godomski (D).

What to expect: The two-time defending NEPSAC champions will have a lot of holes to fill this season, with the departure of 13 players and eight starters from last year’s team. That includes Tahiru, who was the Maine Gatorade Player of the Year. To make up for those losses, the Lumberjacks will lean on team chemistry and cohesion to stay competitive in NEPSAC Class C. Swanbeck and Ftorek said they are expecting strong leadership from the returning players and a high focus on the small steps and successes.

Leavitt Hornets

Coach: Zac Conlogue (third year)

Class: B South; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 8-5-3, lost in B South quarterfinals.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Jake Hodgkin (D), Evan Cossey (D), Cole Desmarais (D), Jacob Blais (M), Matt Brown (M), Austin Taylor (M), Ethan Demerchant (M), Blake Bartman (M), Garrett Addison (F), Chase Comeau (D); Junior — Trevor Gaudin (F); Sophomores — Blaine Clark (G), Ethan Weston (M), Ethan Gates (F).

Key lost athletes: Seth Ramser (M), Connor Cyr (F), Brian Hewitt (F), Bryce Pelletier (D), Alex Tedesco (D), Julian Clements (D), Josh Peterson (D), Ben Hutchins (G).

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Vangjel Xhollo, Thomas Rousseau; Sophomores — Daniel Cifelli, Ryan Thibault, Christian Keenan, Zack Morrison, Kaleb Bell, Tanner Sawyer, Reed Johanson; Freshmen — Ian Redstone, Blake Springer.

What to expect: The Hornets are hoping to build off last year’s regional quarterfinals appearance, but they have to replace 11 seniors, including eight starters. There are plenty of returning players to fill the holes, as well as younger players. Addison returns as the leading scorer from last year, and Conlogue will look to find some scoring pieces around him.

Lewiston Blue Devils

Coach: Mike McGraw (36th year)

Class: A North; Conference:  KVAC

Last year’s results: 14-2-2, Class A state champions.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Mardoche Kikobo (D), Hussein Hassan (D), Cooper Millett (F), Derek Metivier (F), Jeremy Hepler (D), Asad Abukar (M), Ahmed Hussein (M), Enock Citenga (D), Dido Lumu (G); Juniors — Bilal Hersi (M), Moubarek Abdourahman (D), Abdiaziz Abukar (D), Suab Nur (M), Abdilahi Ali (M); Sophomore — Michael Belleau (G).

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Jama Abdullahi (F), Joel Musese (M), Mohamed Hassan (M); Juniors — Shawwal Shueyb (D), Ayub Hassan (D), Aden Ali (D), Abdirahman Daud (M), Michee Kikobo (F), Kurtis Pelletier (G); Sophomores — Ramadhan Bishar (M), Mohamud Hassan (M).

What to expect: This year’s version of the Blue Devils looks promising on paper, according to McGraw, who cautioned that games are played on the pitch, not paper. Focus and chemistry will be key. McGraw said the new turf home field will be a “distinct advantage” for his team. Not having the right mindset in games could take away that advantage, however.

Lisbon Greyhounds

Coach: Dan Sylvester (11th year)

Class: C South; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 8-5-2, lost in C South quarterfinals.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Noah Austin (M), Cam Poisson (M/F); Juniors — DJ Douglass (M), Levi Levesque (G), Jack Tebbetts (M), Jacob George (D), Dan Poulin (D).

Key lost athletes: Jonah Sautter, Dylan George, Glenn Hill, Ben LeClair, Kayne Wentzhiemer, Nick Austin, Steve Martin.

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Elijah Fullerton (M), Ethan Brown (D), Darien Davis (D), Caleb Phillips (D/M), Hunter Brissette (M), Hunter Burkhardt (M), Justin Violette (M/F).

What to expect: The Greyhounds have been hurt by graduation over the past two years, so Sylvester sees his program in a rebuilding phase. Young talent will be asked to contribute immediately, but the players have to remember that it’s a process, and eventually the Greyhounds will get to where they want to be. Sylvester likes their work ethic.

Monmouth Mustangs

Coach: Joe Fletcher (ninth year)

Class: C South; Conference:  MVC

Last year’s results: 12-1-2, lost in C South quarterfinals.

Returning athletes: Corey Armstrong, Nate Ashton, Gabe Martin, Thomas Neal, Ed Zuis, Ben Brooks, Connor Davies, Brock Bates, T.J. Lewis, Cameron Armstrong, Cody Michaud.

Key lost athletes: Avery Pomerleau, Bradley Neal, Shane Kenniston, Dylan Goff, Nick Dovinsky, Andrew Reny, Nate Camarie, Cody Roy, Wade Coulombe.

Promising newcomers: Seth Mckenny, Blaine Paradis, Jacob Godbout, Ben Hamann, Travis Jamison, Hayden Fletcher.

What to expect: The Mustangs graduated much of last year’s starting lineup, but the current group has played a lot of soccer together. Fletcher wants his team to be peaking as the postseason approaches after bowing out in its playoff opener last year. Martin, Corey Armstrong, Neal and Zuis will are a solid core for the Mustangs to build around, and Ashton is looking to rebound from a major injury early last season.

Mountain Valley Falcons

Coach: JT Taylor (fifth year)

Class: B South; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 8-3-3 (before factoring in forfeited games).

Returning athletes: Seniors — Garrett Garbarini (F), Cam Gallant (F), Cam Chase (D), Will Sorensen (MF); Juniors — Fischer Cormier (D), Kaleb Noyes (D), Dalton Noyes (M), Trevor Gallant (F), Sean Gould (D), Chance Vacchiano (M); Sophomores — Aaron LaBrash (D), Keagan Pitcher (F), Jayshaun Wright (D), Riley Bedard (M).

Key lost athletes: Dylan Knox, Seth Peaslee, Vinny DeRoche, Jacob Rainey, Espen Lamberg, Moritz Werheim.

Promising newcomers: Senior — Kyle Kenney (G); Junior — Alexei Rodriguez (F); Sophomore — Caleb Frisbie (G); Freshmen — Peter McNally (M), River Edmunds (G)

What to expect: The Falcons want to rebound after a tough end to last season, not being able to compete in the playoffs. They have a strong nucleus of seniors and juniors, but aren’t particularly deep, according to Taylor. They do have speed up top and an athletic goalie, and are solid “across the pitch.”

Mt. Abram Roadrunners

Coach:? Darren Allen (fourth year)

Class: C South; Conference:  MVC

Last year’s results: 10-3-2, lost in C South quarterfinals.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Oskar Martinez (F), Levi Bouchard (M), Dylan Starbird (D), Dillan Wells (D/M), Hunter Bate (M), Ben Butterfield (D/M), Jack Deming (G); Juniors — Evan Allen (M/D), JB Jordan (M), Denny Marble (D), Tyson Hill (M/F), Cam Charles (M/D), Nate Luce (F); Sophomore — Kenyon Pillsbury (M), Ben Debiase (M), Ben Starbird (M/D).

Key lost athletes: Sam Storer, Evan Mackay, Tor Tooker, Dawson Bate, Jordan Smith, Dan Quinonez, Dante’ Gerardi.

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Cam Walters (M/F), Ian Allen (G), Wyatt Semieski (D/M), Caleb Thibodeau (M/D).

What to expect: Allen said the Roadrunners are “cautiously optimistic” going into this season. There is still improvement to be made to get where they believe they should be, but the teams knows that. Allen scheduled a “very difficult” preseason on purpose, since the season in the MVC should be difficult as well.

Mt. Blue Cougars

Coach: Joel Smith (18th year)

Class: A North; Conference:  KVAC

Last year’s results: 9-5-2, lost in A North semifinals.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Sam Smith (F), Dom Giampietro (D), Zack Gunther (D), Jared Fontaine (D), Ryan Haszko (M), Sam McFarlane (M), Mick Gurney (M), Chris Marshall (M).

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Edan Havtan (M), Isac Morin (M), Josh Smith (M).

What to expect: The Cougars have nine seniors who have played a lot of soccer, but the key to improving on last year’s showing will be to play more consistent. Smith also thinks his team needs to get better defensively, and like every coach is hoping his players stay healthy. The Cougars should be competitive in the KVAC, according to Smith.

Oxford Hills Vikings

Coach: Matt Dieterich (third year)

Class: A North; Conference: KVAC

Last year’s results: 2-10-2

Returning players: Seniors — Spencer Strong (F), Zach Wilson (F), Will Dieterich (M), Jaden Davie (M), Tomas Mendieta (M), Shane Kubicek (D), Noah Currier (D), Colby Ventresca (D), Nick Martinez (D), Mike Rowe (D); Juniors — Sam Morton (G), Andrew Binette (M), Tommy Bancroft (D); Sophomores — Sergio Cervantes (M), Daniel Paine (M), Keegan Watson (M), Mario DeVivo (M).

Key lost athletes: Veikko Piirainen, Will Eschelman, Sam Borget, Wyatt Ryder

Promising newcomers: Freshmen — Nick Bancroft, Andrew Merrill.

Season outlook: With a large group of seniors, the Vikings are looking to build on their substantial improvement from last year, when they cut their goals allowed in half from the previous year and tripled their goals scored. Dieterich said the team wants to continue the upward trend and improve their overall record with the goal of making the playoffs.

Poland Knights

Coach: David Coyne (third year)

Class: B South; Conference:  WMC

Last year’s results: 0-13-1

Notable athletes: Seniors — Kyle Greene (M), Cody Peterson (D), Isaac Austin (M), Jacob Bernard (D); Juniors — Nick Bowen (D), Noah Breton (M), Orion O’Donnell (M), Tom Worden (D), AJ McMahon (M), Cooper Keene (F), DJ Mackenzie (D), Davin Cloutier (G), Kurtis Simard (D); Sophomores — Hans Oehme (D), Austin Griffey (D), Ben Lasselle (M), Brayden Gurney (F).

What to expect:  Coyne is expecting a much different season from his team than last year. He said Cloutier in goal is a player to keep an eye on. In front of him, Coyne thinks he has a “very well-rounded” team.

Spruce Mountain Phoenix

Coach: Adam Gettle (first year)

Class: B South; Conference: MVC

Last year’s results: 3–11-0

Returning athletes: Seniors — Garret Smith (F), John Brenner (D), Bryce Chavez (M), Andrew Shaw (G); Juniors — Colby Hamblin (M), Jacob Paradis (F), Cameron Cain (M); Sophomore — Jack Gilbert (F).

Key lost athletes: Brady Walp, Gage Kneelend, Logan Howes, Jason Howes, Landon Brochu, Mason Shink, Matt Nichols, Will Thorton.

Promising newcomers: Senior — Seth York (M); Junior — Bryce St. Pierre (D); Freshmen — Owen Bryant (F), Cully Johnson (D), Jacob Bryant (G).

What to expect:  Gettle takes the reins of the program and has high hopes for a “significant turn-around from (last season).” He wants the MVC to see the Phoenix as “a refreshed and revitalized team.” There are big shoes to fill after losing several starters, but Gettle likes what he’s seen from his current squad so far.

St. Dominic Academy Saints

Coach: Martin Bressler (eighth year)

Class: C South; Conference:  WMC

Last year’s results: 3-11

Returning athletes: Seniors — Jeremy Phelan (D), Hunter Hughes (D), Ryan Davis (D), Ethan Bosse (D); Juniors — Jayden Webster (D), Evan Rivard (M), Zack Davis (M), Jack Ouellette (M), Alex Roy (M), Tyler Stewart (M); Sophomores — Bryton Kieltyka (G), Matt Gosselin (G).

Key lost athletes: Mack Pelletier (D), Hunter Emery (D), Josh Fortin (M), Matt Curtis (G), Matt Gagnon (M), Michee Kikobo (F).

Promising newcomers: Senior — Gaston Fuksa (F); Freshmen — Leonardo Naous (M), Thomas Suckow (M), Noah Cyr (M).

What to expect: The Saints lost some key players from last year’s team, but Bressler thinks they still have enough skill and experience to make the playoffs. The schedule won’t make that easy, especially since they have to play some tough WMC teams twice.

Telstar Rebels

Coach: John Eliot (seventh year)

Class: N/A; Conference:  MVC

Last year’s results: Missed playoffs.

Returning athletes: Seniors — Michael Jones, Tristen Lilly, Joe Dillon.

Key lost athletes: Boston Ludden, Blake Rothwell, Zach Hill, Jarrett Bean.

What to expect: Numbers at Telstar are “extremely low,” according to Eliot, whose team will play a “modified schedule that will not count in the standings.” The Rebels are trying to keep their program alive, and Eliot, the school’s new dean of students, has stayed on for another year to hopefully help make that happen. The hope in the program is that numbers start going back up so the Rebels can return to the varsity ranks again.

Winthrop Ramblers

Coach: John Baehr (first year)

Class: C South; Conference:  MVC

Last year’s results: 6-8-1, lost in C South preliminary round.

Returning athletes: Andrew Frost (D), Maguire Anuszewski (D), Bryce Cummins (D), Jared McLaughlin (F), Mike Morales (M), Sam Figueroa (D), Sam Latin (F), Ian Dow (D), Gavin Brill (F), Rowan Goebel-Bain (F), Noah Grube (M), Colby Emery (M).

Promising newcomers: Seniors — Cam Wood (G), Alex De La Cruz (M); Sophomores — Jake Smith (G), Mason Brill (D), Owen Foster (M), Adam Hardy (D).

What to expect:  Baehr wants his team to be strong at controlling the ball, and to learn to compete with the MVC’s best — teams like Mt. Abram, Monmouth, Mountain Valley and Hall-Dale.