DEAR SUN SPOTS: I caught a glimpse of Angus King’s new book recently at a library. Where do I get a copy? — Darrin, no town

ANSWER: Most independent bookstores in the area are selling Sen. King’s “A Senator’s Eye,” published by Islandport Press of Yarmouth. This is a compilation of King’s personal photographs depicting his everyday life in Washington, D.C. and in Maine. This book can also be ordered by contacting the company at [email protected] or 846-3344.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: “Rails Restaurant is sorting through all the ins and outs of closing the business right. There is the possibility the restaurant will be bought and taken over by another party. Until all that is sorted out, we cannot yet address how gift cards will handled.”— Rails staff, no town

ANSWER: I received the above message via the Rails restaurant site regarding the Aug. 31 Sun Spots. For all Rails customers who have gift certificates burning holes in your pockets, take a deep breath and wait it out a bit longer. Let’s see what happens. If you hear any news about Rails, please share it and I’ll publish it here. Let’s keep up a positive vibe for all those involved in this transition. Running a restaurant isn’t easy.

DEAR SUN SPOTS: I pulled my favorite leather purse out of the closet yesterday and it has mildew inside it. Do you have any tips to clean it?— Kelly, no town

ANSWER: Here’s what I do to up leather items that have unwelcome white splotches on them: First, I put them in the freezer overnight. I know it’s weird, but this makes removing the mildew with a soft brush safer and easier. You’ll want to do the brushing part outside. After brushing away as much of the mildew as you can, dampen a clean cloth with a solution of 50-50 white vinegar and water and use it to wipe the remainder of the mildew off with swift, gentle strokes. Take care not to use too much of the solution or to apply so much pressure that it makes the item wet. Easy does it! You’ll want to throw that cloth away afterward. Lastly, turn the purse inside out if you can and allow it to dry thoroughly in the fresh air on a dry, sunny day.

To prevent this from happening again, give your closet some breathing room! It seems to be the American way to stuff our closets full to bursting! I highly recommend that you take the time to get rid of anything you’re not using anymore. Leave the door open sometimes, too!

A dehumidifier in the area helps. If your closets have water pipes running through their walls, check for leaks and sweating pipes. Many of us who live near the ocean or a lake need to be especially mindful of mold and mildew encroaching into our homes and onto our favorite possessions!

Before storing your leather items, be sure to clean them with a commercial leather cleaner. Place bags of desiccant materials such as silica gel or volcanic rock close by to absorb excess moisture. Stuff leather bags and shoes with tissue paper or newspaper before storing for the season and replace that paper if it becomes damp.

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