One of Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s heroes is his mom, a former public-school teacher at McKinley Tech (a predominately African-American high school in Kavanaugh’s hometown of Washington, D.C.). She taught during a difficult time in this nation’s history, filled with racial tension and segregated schools.

When 3-year-old Brett Kavanaugh sat in the back of his mother’s American history class, he learned from her example that all people should be treated equally. In Judge Kavanaugh’s own words, that would include, “equal rights, equal dignity and equal justice under the law.” Those important teachings that Judge Kavanaugh learned at such a young age have stuck with him throughout his stellar career as a public servant.

Kavanaugh is a great judge and a great father. He coaches his daughters’ basketball teams, loves how Title IX has allowed young girls’ confidence to grow through sports, and is always supportive. As a judge, his respect for the separation of powers informs his judicial philosophy and will continue to guide him as he ascends to the highest court in the land.

There’s been a lot of noise of late that Kavanaugh will try to walk back Roe v. Wade, but he has continuously said that he will follow precedent and settled law. Everything points to him being a man of his word. Just like Sen. Susan Collins is a woman of her word who will continue to work in the best interests of all Mainers. In this case, that is getting Judge Kavanaugh confirmed to the Supreme Court.

Eric Metivier, Lisbon

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