100 Years Ago: 1918
Six thousand cases of Spanish influenza are reported at Camp Devens and the Boston Red Cross Headquarters has summoned nurses from all New England hospitals to care for the soldiers suffering from the disease. An Auburn boy in the camp writes that the disease has spread through the entire encampment but that the doctors are beginning to get it under control. The call for nurses came from Boston headquarters this morning to the Central Maine General Hospital and ten of the most expert of nurses left this morning on very short notice. Three of them were from the hospital and the rest of them were called in from private practices.
50 Years Ago: 1968
Sen. Edmund S. Muskie says it would be just as logical to blame Richard M. Nixon for the record of the Eisenhower administration as it is to blame Hubert H. Humphrey for all the events of the Johnson administration. The Democratic vice presidential nominee said Friday night at a rally in Kansas City that the record of former Vice President Nixon indicates his victory would mean the disregard of such pressing needs as urban renewal, housing, federal aid to education and sewage treatment plants. The Maine senator said Nixon is avoiding news conferences. “I can understand his playing safe,” he said. “He knows when he’s under pressure he has a tendency to panic and make mistakes.” Muskie meets Vice President Humphrey today for a visit with former President Harry S. Truman at Independence, Mo. Then he leaves for Little Rock, Ark., and Washington. Turning attention to George C. Wallace, Muskie said the former Alabama governor’s record is “clearly anti-labor,” and added it is “incredible to me that anyone who works for a wage … would support George Wallace.” 
25 Years Ago: 1993
Rehearsals are currently underway for Community Little Theatre’s production of Ken Ludwig’s award-winning farce “Lend Me a Tenor.” Mary Glen Rosenberg is the director for the show and she will be assisted by Denise Bonenfant. Co-producers are Vicky Roy and Melody Koether. Others working on the production crew are sound technicians, Ryan Adair and Chris Scott; light technician, Gerry Therrien; light design, Dick Rosenberg: sound design, Scott Adair; set construction chair, John Blanchette; set decor, Nell Andersen, Peggy Bishop and Sharon Baker; makeup, Luisa Scott; costumes, Sarah Frederick; props, Thelma Cunningham; hair, Jeff Blais of Taboo Hair Design; and publicity, Debbie Williams. The show will be presented Oct. 22, 23, 29 and 30 at 8 p.m. at Great Falls School, Academy Street, Auburn. A dress rehearsal for senior citizens and students will be held Oct. 21, at 7:30 p.m. Reservations are strongly recommended. Call 783-0958 for tickets. 
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