100 Years Ago: 1918

(Two displays of German items in L-A storefronts)

An interesting collection of war trophies is on exhibition in the window of the Perryville Drug Store, Turner Street, Auburn. These were sent here by Sgt. Wallace E. Bragdon. His picture is in the center of the window and on all sides are the souvenirs from the warring countries. Among them is a German hat, pieces of shrapnel, several fine silk garments and pillow-tops which were made in France, and shells from Verdun. The articles are all marked to show their history.

A German helmet is on exhibit in the window of George Hall’s Barbershop on Lisbon Street, Lewiston. This was sent to Mr. Hall by “Billy” Rochon, a former employee of Hall’s shop, who is now a member of the American Expeditionary Force, in France, in the 101st Trench Mortar Battery, formerly the Dingley Battery of the Milliken regiment.

50 Years Ago: 1968

The ground lull in Vietnam goes into its fourth week and the shelling of North Vietnam continues despite speculation a halt would be ordered as a U.S. peace gesture.

25 Years Ago: 1993

Garden club speaker Charlene LeClair, owner of Designing Women will be the guest speaker when members of the Woman’s Literary Union Garden Club meet Thursday at the club rooms at 1 p.m. She will work on floral arrangements, demonstrating techniques and design using various antique planters supplied by the club. She creates unusual floral designs for homes and businesses and also weddings, utilizing wicker, preserved flowers and lace. The afternoon events begin with the serving of dessert. Claire Naum is hostess.

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