DEAR SUN SPOTS: The Lewiston High School Class of 1974 will be holding its 45th-year reunion on the weekend of Aug. 15-17. We will be offering a tour of the high school and its new athletic facilities on Friday, Aug. 15, at 4 p.m., and there will be a social gathering at Pedro O’Hara’s beginning at 7 p.m. A second opportunity to tour the high school and new upgrades will be held on Saturday at noon. The reunion party will be Saturday evening at the Ramada Inn in Lewiston. This is also the annual Balloon Festival weekend, so there will be many things to do and see in the area.
The committee has been attempting to locate classmates and update its contact list for the past few months, but many are still missing.

We have little or no information on these classmates: Cynthia Beaule, Denis Belisle, Dave Bergeron, Lynn Boisvert, Linda Brochu, Marie Bussiere, Cheryl Carrignan, John Chaloux, Thomas Charette, Stephen Chasse, Rene Cloutier, William Cloutier, Patricia Destefano, Claudette Dion, Irene Dube, Robert Forsyth, Raymond Fortier, Richard Gagnon, Linda Gauthier, Daniel Geoffroy, Michael Guimond, Edwin Haas, Nelson Haas, Carol Hammond, Audrey Hanna, Diane Ingrosano, Priscilla Johnson, Gary Ketchum, Rachel Keith, Fred Klimek, Daniel Labrie, Denis Lajoie, Daniel Landreville, Debra Leblanc, Paul Lecompte, Karen Leriche, Madeline Levesque, Janet Lindsey, Roger L’Italien, Diane Madore, Norman Marcotte, Richard R. Morin, Debra Morneau, Diane Morse, Paul O’Brien, Gerald Ouellette, Mark Ouellette, Thomas Ouellette, Roy Pelletier, Philip Pepin, Theresa Plourde, Lee Rosin, Roni Rounds, Ann Roy, David Simpson, Richard Sinclair, Pamela Small, Theresa Theberge, Brenda Strout, Debra Turcotte, Vickie Walker, Karen Wood and Thomas Yorke.

These classmates’ information has not been updated since the 2014 or the 2009 reunion: Joline Beaudette, Roger Beaudette, Louise Belanger, Diane C. Belanger, Diane Berube, Diane Bilodeau, Michael Biron, Lucien Bisson, Cathy Bouchard, Cathleen Bureau, Raymond Caron, Cathy Carsley, Richard Castonguay, Jacqueline Cloutier, Rita Collett, James Collins, Linda Cyr, Ron Dionne, Elaine Doyon, Richard M. Dube, Bertrand Dugal, John Dumais, Jane Dumont, Nanette Dutcher, Mark Elie, James Frechette, Carol Gastonguay, Denise Giguere, Kenneth Glidden, Jacqueline Gosselin, Diane Gravel, Debra Gunn, Donna Gunn, David Haas, David Hanlon, Rena Kirouac, Joyce Landry, Gary Larochelle, Rachel Lemelin, Linda Lepage, Paul Lessard, Paul Letalien, Nancy Lever, Michael L’Heureux, Robert Lussier, Maurice Madore, Brenda Marcotte, Karen Martin, Dennis McCannell, Steven McCloskey, Michael Meldrum, Robert Mendelson, Diane Moreau, Edward Nadeau, Gary Norton, Cathy Palman, Andre Pelletier, Russell Pelletier, Robert Seguin, Anne St. Denis, Thomas Stowe, Melanie Swift, Marc Therrien, Suzanne Turcotte, Judy Vaillancourt, Debora Belanger, Raynald Charest, Richard N. Dube, Daniel Hamann, Gaylene Lemay, Venise Nadeau, Clair Rivard, Steve Roy, Joel Bryant, Sandy Brochu, Gaston Doyon, Morris Girard, Graham Jagger, Diane Jalbert, Edmund Jalbert, Nancy Jones, Theresa Laberge, Joseph Feely and Jean Boulay.

If you have correct contact information for any of these members please contact Jon Mennealy at 207-375-8105 or email [email protected] The class also has a Facebook page set up where members can find updates and other information.

— Jon, no town

ANSWER: Please give Jon a hand with this gargantuan task of finding members of the LHS Class of ’74!

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