Here’s the second installment of what loyal Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson viewers on Fox (Carlson actually called claims of rising white supremacy a “hoax” despite FBI statistics to the contrary) aren’t hearing.

Conservative columnist Russ Douthat cites Trump’s “obvious moral vacuum, the profound spiritual black hole, that lies beneath his persona and career.”

That Trump knows he wouldn’t have won in 2016 (he lost by nearly three million votes) without Russian help is clear because he didn’t want to hear from the then-DHS secretary that Russia will interfere again in 2020, a finding endorsed by America’s entire intelligence establishment.

Columnist Maureen Dowd, who has sharply criticized all recent presidents, including Obama, called Trump “a faux tough guy who lets other people do the fighting for him, a needy brat who never accepts responsibility for his actions, and an oaf with no sense of courage, class, or chivalry.”

Another conservative columnist, Michael Gerson, said Harry Truman “surrounded himself with strong personalities like (Secretary of State) Dean Acheson and (Defense Secretary) George Marshall. Trump is diminished by his hunger for panting deference.”

Unlike eloquent consolers-in-chief Reagan and Obama, Trump avoided angry El Paso crowds by just going to the hospital, where, while visiting victims, he bragged about his crowd size on a previous visit compared to that of Beto O’Rourke. Some would call that a manifestation of narcissistic personality disorder.

Summing things up, conservative columnist David Brooks said the 2020 election “is about the moral atmosphere in which we raise our children.”

Dave Griffiths, Mechanic Falls

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