I stand with Jim Benson (letter, Aug. 30) in opposition to Gov. Janet Mills and her support for the CMP proposed transmission line and her stance on abortion.

CMP says use of herbicides along the route would be limited, despite knowledge that vegetation-control mixtures contain elements that cause human health issues. And remember the block of carbon she held last Feb. 21 while announcing support of the CMP plan, along with her March 3 radio address touting 3.6 million metric tons of carbon dioxide would be removed from New England’s air, equating to taking 797,000 pollution-emitting vehicles off our highways?

Hope she washed her hands thoroughly after handling that block of carbon.

My late wife was Japanese and, during my second tour of military duty there, her mother came to stay with us until learning we were being blessed with a fifth child. Mother-in-law said four youngsters were enough and informed us she had induced brother-in-law to have his wife’s fifth pregnancy aborted, and she strongly urged we do the same. I let her know — in her language — there was no way we would do that. She packed up and left.

A year passed before she reappeared again and, within seconds of coming inside, her newest grandson (our fifth child) became the center of her universe throughout the remaining two years we were there. Life, she admitted, is far too precious to terminate as being overly burdensome.

John Davis, South Paris

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